Gate River Run 15k

The Gate River Run is one of my favorite races in Jacksonville. Surprisingly, it’s the largest 15k in the nation. With registration near 20,000 participants, it has continued to grow year after year. It’s also the USA 15k Championships so it’s always fun to see what top Olympic athletes will be competing each year and to know I’m running the same race as they are (though much, much slower)!

I initially started the race by walking the entire 9.3 miles with a friend. It seemed like such a long distance to run. The following year I ran the race and cut an entire hour off my finish time. Each year after that, I continue to participate and it’s fun to see how different each year is for me. Some years I’m faster, others I’m slower. Some years I have good training, others I have minimal training.

I hope to be able to continue participating in the Gate River Run for years to come.


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