Stacey is a runner based in Jacksonville, FL. Stacey just completed her fifth Gate River Run 15K this past spring 2012. Her posts focus on race recaps, healthy recipes, product and restaurant reviews, event promotion, and contests. A proclaimed social media nerd, she has even been know to tweet while running a race! You can follow her on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi @starpulp!

    I work with Wines of Chile, and I recently heard you are interested in checking out a sample. Can you please specify what kind of wine you are most interested in?


  2. Stacey,
    Keep on keeping on, I ran 8 this morning on the treadmill, the whole healthcare issue, will they speak, won’t they speak, it took up the 80 minutes easy!

    Just found out that the Wounded Warrior 8k run in September will require each runner to raise close to $100 as a part of entry into the race, if not done, you essentially have the entry fee and the donation as part of the opportunity to do the run. Great cause, but I hate (*) asterisks associated with getting healthy. I find it a problem when the Gate draws only 20,000 people and there are over 1.1 million in Jax, so any low cost run is appreciated to get people out there.

    W90 in Avondale and the Southside features free wine tastings and cheese pairings, as an option for the wine craze. I always remind my wife that too much wine is equal to too much sugar in your body, but moderation with everything I suppose.

    Take care, great site, keep on trucking!
    Jack Bobeck

    1. Thanks Jack! It’s always great to meet another local runner! I can’t believe they’re requiring $100 for an 8k, but I’ve heard good things about the race. (Hot, sweaty, miserable things.. but hey, to some that is good!)

      Thanks for the tips on the wine. I’ve never been to W90, but need to check it out.

      Thanks again!

  3. Hi. I found you because of your great list of Jacksonville bloggers but stayed and have been browsing around. I found your DIY headboard. Good job! I really like all of the pics. I wouldn’t usually plug in the comment section but couldn’t find another way to get in touch. I am hosting craft nights in Neptune Beach and since you are local and crafty. I thought I would invite you. December event is all about last minute Christmas gifts and January we will be making pretty things to help us get organized in the new year! Hint: one of the items will be a custom memo board

    Check out our FB page – MakeandTakeCraftParty

  4. Hi! I am the Admissions Leader @ Paul Mitchell the School Jacksonville located at St Johns Town Center. I found your website today while researching Jacksonville Beauty Blogs. I am looking for local outlets to partner with for events we host and participate in through out the year. Paul Mitchell the School Jacksonville is heavily involved with community events and would like to know how Starpulp and our school can connect?

    Your time is greatly appreciated!

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