FAI and Labral Repair – Other Blogs I found helpful

Just like everyone else, I sought out other people’s experiences before I had my surgery. Here are a few of the ways I learned more.

Trail Stroke

I found this to be a fairly helpful blog. I liked her style of updating daily/weekly to show her progress. She’s a very active athlete that enjoys trail running, uphill skiing, and backpacking and has returned to these activities post surgerys. Yes, she’s had more than one. I also liked that they were years ago so you could really see her progress overtime.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups were the number one way I got real information on what to expect.

The main thing you need to understand before jumping into the realm of Facebook Groups is that there is a lot of doom and gloom in these groups. Once someone is healed, they rarely keep notifications on or check back in the group. Many actually leave the groups entirely.

As a result, you’re left with either people joining who haven’t had surgery, a handful of people that recently had surgery but aren’t full healed, those that had complications or issues, and occasionally someone pops in that’s healed to update and give hope.

Understanding Hip Impingement, FAI

Hip Impingement Awareness (FAI, PAO, THR)

Both Understanding Hip Impingement, FAI and Hip Impingement Awareness (FAI, PAO, THR) were great groups to follow leading up to surgery and during.

Hip Impingement (FAI) Support North America

This is a good group for people in North America. There is some differences in the way FAI is treated outside the United States as well as how insurance handles things, so it’s good to also have a “local” resource.

Jan 2020 hip surgery recovery group

This was a side group that someone from the above 3 groups created for everyone that was having surgery in Jan 2020 (obviously). This was really cool as it was a smaller niche group of people. Lots more conversation and more specific details were shared which was really helpful.

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