Things I look forward to post FAI and Torn Labrum surgery

My post FAI & Labrum repair surgery may seem long and drawn out. I decided to put a list together of the things I’m not currently able to do pre-surgery. My hope is I can refer to this list in recovery to help recall the baby step progress I’ve made. I also hope to celebrate each day I realize these items below are no longer an issue for me!

Squatting full depth without pain. Not only do I not feel Saturday when squatting, I will feel a confident sharp pinch in my inner thigh near my “no no zone”.

Lunges for days. I have a torn PCL in my left knee. A “gift” from high school soccer my Junior year. I never had surgery on it, but have found lunging you be extremely helpful in strength UNF the leg to avoid pain.

Stepping into a bathtub pain free. Lifting my injured leg up is not that much fun. I experience some pain in the joint, along the top of the thigh. It will be nice to step into my shower without bracing for this. Why not step with my other leg first? Aside from this feeling like “putting the other pants leg on first”, I also didn’t like standing on my bad leg and balancing. Not necessarily painful, but not confident.

2/3/2029 – two weeks post surgery, I am able to put my foot up on the edge of the tub. Slow process but so far pain free!

Box step ups. These would bring searing pain to the inner groin area immediately. Steps would be fine, but anything larger would not be fun.

Running. Surprisingly I didn’t experience a lot of pain while running in a treadmill or outside on the street. The overall feeling of blah while running sucked. I didn’t feel great, do I didn’t run consistently, so it sucked when I would run. I’ve found I start to not hate the act of running if I do it consistently three times a week for over three weeks.

Standing while biking. I was amazingly able to up with most of my biking up until two weeks or so out from my surgery. I own a Peloton which I really love. Since my hip issues, my biking has been sporadic at best. In my pre-op appointment, I learned I was expected to ride a bike 30-minutes a day, no resistance, with my good leg (left) doing all the work with my bad leg just “along for the ride”.

2/3/2020 – almost two weeks post surgery and I’m able to stand up and let the pedals go in a circle in a controlled motion. Not up to regular speed or resistance yet and not typically standing, but this is progress!

Drive a car without pain. This is a big one. Getting in and out of a car is really not fun. Swinging my leg into the car pinches. Then my hip aches all over while sitting. My back isn’t happy either.

1/31/2020 – I’m able to drive a car! I still struggle to get my leg in and out, but there’s no pain!

Put pants on. It’s hard to sit down and lift my bad leg. I experience pressure and discomfort when doing this. Plus twisting my leg to put it in a pant pinches with sharp pain.

2/4/2020 – two weeks post op, I’m able to put pants on good leg first, bad leg second! For two weeks I’ve been doing bad leg first because I couldn’t lift my leg up. I’m now slowly able to do this again.

Put shorts on. See pants above. While this isn’t as bad, it’s still difficult. Plus I tend to do this standing, and have realized I only partially bend over due to pressure in my hip and back pain. This results in an awkward, uncomfortable process.

Walk down my front and garage steps. I have an older 1940s house that’s built on a crawl space rather than a foundation so there are four brick steps up into the house and four brick steps down into the garage. These have given me issues on and off. I recently realized I have issues if I don’t take the stairs head on. From an angle causes pressure and discomfort.

Set my dog down on the ground while standing or when getting out of the car, I typically end up dropping him on the ground a few inches off the ground because I just can’t quite get there. I’m sure he’ll appreciate any improvement here too…

Sitting at work and not feeling my hip ache. The FAI will cause pain randomly all over the hip. Inside the leg, outside the leg, front and back. Plus I’ve lost some leg muscle. I try hard to consistently do hip bridges with my Mark Bell Hip Circle as well as a few other hip and hamstring movements, but I’m still sure it’s not the same. As a result, I’ve started getting that “butt hurt” feeling towards the end of the day. My office thankfully installed standing desks which I love! Unfortunately, standing isn’t that great either!

Sitting on the couch without my back seizing up on me. A lot of my back pain issues may be resulting from the FAI in my hip. I’m really hoping this is the case and surgery resolves this.

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