Gate River Run 2016

My 9th Gate River Run was a blast! I’d been fighting an injury to my knee since October prior. I had ‘runners knee’ where the knee cap clicks when you run due to an imbalance in the quad and hamstring. I had to keep the streak alive and run though!

Ran into my friend Anna at the portalets. I think this is our tradition?

Several of us met up at the Jaguar statue prior to the race because traditions… We hoist the GRR newbie up for a picture. First it was Elena, then Ed, now Sean!

Me and my girl, Elena!

I’d convinced my crazy running friend, Joe, to drive up for the race! He loves running so I knew he had to check the nation’s largest 15k off his list!

Gotta love seeing the firemen running in full gear. Amazing!

The Main Street Bridge was waiting for me!

I love seeing friends cheering people on along the race including running friends Jason and Ashley! Jason was one of my first running friends and really helped motivate me when I first started running!

I also ran 3/4 of the race while on the phone with my friend, Doug, who lives in Michigan. You can see the ear bud. This definitely helped pass the time too!

My fuel choice for the day. Gotta love gummie bears.

Yeaaa… the finish line was still 5 miles away at this point…

I love the River Road portion of the race. The water looks different every race.

The Gate has the best crowd support of any race I’ve ever seen. There are people that setup and tailgate the entire race. They hand out free food and booze to people as they run by. I’ve always turned this down (except for the year Smoothie King handed out free smoothies) because I don’t want to get runners trots and ruin my finish time. With my knee issue this year, I wasn’t gunning for any particular time so I decided to try everything that was offered. I started the day with a delicous mimosa.

This is around mile 6 every year. They always setup a big bbg party outside and hand out beer, sausages and more. They also hose the runners down as they run past. I took the opportunity to cool down.

They handed me a freezie pop which was delicous.

How cool to have run the race for 38 years in a row!

This was interesting. There was a short line for whatever alcoholic beverage this was. I tried it. It was some sort of peach which I hate peach. Got a good shots worth though. So gross. At least it was cold.

Gotta say “Hi!’ to the Mile 7 Banana! Jello shots were accomplished.

Got in a quick round of flip cup before heading off to the bridge!

Gotta love this view.

Finally finished! What a sight to see this beast at the finish with beer in hand!

9th year in a row was done!

Have you run the Gate River Run? What’s your favorite part?

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment!

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