Valentine’s Day Massacre Competition at CrossFit 904

We have a fun couples competition at our box around every Valentine’s Day. Mainly it’s a boy/girl competition where you partner up with someone of the opposite sex. You don’t necessarily need to be in a relationship with them. In fact, I think most people that do it are just friends. It’s also Sadie Hawkins, so the girl traditionally asks the guy. Ugh


The calm before the storm.

I partnered up with Brett for the competition because his wife who does CrossFit with us couldn’t do the competition. He was such a fun partner. A few weeks prior to the competition, Brett came by the box on a Saturday morning while the advanced class was working out and started cooking bacon. No real reason other than he had a ton of extra bacon to cook. Ever since then, he’s been known as the bacon guy!

They do a costume contest before the competition begins to build some excitement in the morning. It’s fun to see everyone and the variety of costumes.


Of course Brett and I had to get bacon costumes! We found these beauties on Amazon.  [affiliate link] These were actually pretty awesome and perfect to wear for this. Plus no one works out in their costumes, so we didn’t have to worry about that.


Of course Brett rocked it!

I REALLY wasn’t prepared for this competition. I never practiced the workouts or even really think of how we should execute them. Ultimately, I believe we ended up doing it in the wrong order.

For the first WOD, we had Brett go first and then I went. If I remember correctly, I got through the wallballs but that was it. This meant I really only did part of a workout when Brett did the whole thing.

  • WOD #1
    Both team members must complete the following for time:
    50 Double Unders
    40 Wallballs (20,16) thrown to (10′,9′)
    30 Clean and Jerks (135,95)
    *Teammate 1 must complete the entire workout before teammate 2 can start. There will be an 11 min timecap for your team.
    Competition- Exactly as listed
    Performance- (115,75) for the clean and jerks, all else the same
    Fitness- May do 100 Single Unders, (16,12) wallballs, (95,65)
    *Remember this competition is designed to see who has the best engine!

Then for the second WOD, I had to find my 1 rep max of a snatch to overhead squat. Then Brett had to do as many overhead squats as possible in two minutes with this weight. Brett has been suffering from a shoulder injury, so I spared him and only did a 55# snatch to OHS. As a result, this meant I walked up, did a 55# snatch to OHS and was done. (essentially not a workout) Then Brett had to do a ton of squats with that weight. So by this point, Brett had done two workouts and I hadn’t done a full one. Ooops.

Then we had to do max burpee box jumps in 4 minutes. This was so much fun. We were really trying to cram in as many as possible for this to raise our score up. We had watched the teams before us compete, and picked up on a new technique from one of the teams. Unfortunately I’m really bad at counting or remembering quick patterns when working out. Plus we didn’t practice it beforehand. (there really wasn’t time) As a result, I screwed up a few rounds. I really loved doing this though. We set it up so we each did two burpee box jumps and then switched. This kept us moving really fast and not burning out. This was so much fun.

  • WOD #2- Three scored parts
    A. In 4 Mins- Ladies will find a max complex of Snatch + OHS (One snatch from the ground either power or squat, stand fully up then complete one OHS)
    B. In 2 Mins- Guys will perform max reps of OHS with the Ladies max complex found in A. Score will be total LBS lifted, not reps.
    C. In 4 Mins- Both team members will complete max Burpee Box Jump Overs (24,20) only one box and team members can alternate as many times as they like.
    *Fitness will be allowed to do step ups, Performance and Competition must jump each rep.

The last WOD was a blast. Since we were scales, we did situps instead of TTB which meant it was a fast workout. I was basically trying to keep moving as fast as I possibly could.

  • WOD #3
    8 Min AMRAP
    8 Thrusters (135,85)/(95,65)/(75,55)
    8 TTBPartners must alternate complete rounds. Teams will receive two bars.
    *Weights are listed by division for guys and girls.
    *Competition and Performance must do TTB. Fitness will sub out 12 situps.


Then there was a bonus WOD we had to complete at anytime throughout the day. If I remember correctly, we had two minutes to row for as many calories as possible. Brett and I decided to do this in our bacon costumes for fun.


Such a fun day. I just wish I’d gone first in the first WOD so the effort between Brett and I was more equal. I can’t wait to do another competition like this one!

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment!

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