Superhero Competition at CrossFit 904

This was my very first CrossFit competition. It was hosted at our box, CrossFit 904, which was great for my first plunge into CrossFit competitions.


This was a team competition, and each team was encouraged to dress as a superhero. My team, Aimee, Ed, Danny & I picked the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The competition consisted of three WODS (or workouts) that we would do spread out between approximately 9 am – 3 pm (I don’t recall the actual times. That’s approximate.) knowing this, I also knew I needed to prepare ahead of time and bring food to eat throughout the day. I stopped into Publix that morning and brought an avocado, 1/4 pound boars head turkey breast, apples, grape tomatoes and some cheese. (Mmm cheese)


Overall it was a great fun day. I PR’d on the second wod with the squat clean. I was super sore before the last wod and was dreading it, but finished strong. I’m looking forward to the next competition I can participate in, and eager to work on some of my weaker movements (pull-ups!) so I have more opportunities to participate in even more!

WOD #1
“Fantastic Four”
Teams of 4
400M Run
80 Wallballs (16, 12)
60 KBS (53, 35)
40 Burpees
20 Pullups
40 Burpees
60 KBS
80 Wallballs (16, 12)
400M Run
*Teams may split the work any way they want.

WOD # 2
“Poison Ivy”
5 Mins at each movement to find a 1RM
Jerk- From the rack
Thruster- From the rack
Squat Snatch- From the ground
Squat Clean- From the ground
*Each team member will only complete ONE movement. The other members can help their team member put on weights and rack the bar if it falls. The clean and snatch must be a squat but the bar can be caught high and ridden below parallel.

WOD #3
“Flash Gordon”
Deadlifts- RX (185,125) and Scaled (135,95)
Box Jumps- Both (24,20) but step ups will be allowed for Scaled or Injuries
Double Unders- Both have the option of 3:1 single unders
Front Squats- RX (115,75) and Scaled (75,55)

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment!

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