Gate River Run 2015

Every Gate River Run is a unique experience. Even after now having run eight of them, they’re all so different in my mind. Different weather, different people, different fitness levels and sometimes even a slightly different course.

We started a new tradition this year. Last year several of us from CrossFit 904 that were running the Gate met up at the Jaguar statue for a pre-race picture. Elena was the noob to the race, so she was held up.


This year, Ed was the noob, so the crew held him. All I remember is lots of laughing and saying “feet first! feet first!” several times as we all did a horrible job communicating how to set Ed down instead of dropping him on his head.


After the pic, things kicked into fast forward. We lined up in our corral. Race started. We took off.


Quite possibly the best timing of any photo I’ve ever taken. (Thanks to Elena for pointing this out as we were running by) Keep looking until you see the joke..




Saw Courtney again at the water stop she volunteers at every year!


River Road was gorgeous again this year. My favorite part of the course.

This is when the race took a wicked turn. I struggled this race. I hadn’t been running consistently (I hadn’t been running). The year before I at least had been going to CrossFit consistently so I did fairly well. This year I was barely making CrossFit more than two times a week. Then I made a horrible rookie mistake.

Around mile 5 or so, I tripped on a reflector in the road. Started to roll my ankle. Felt and heard a loud crunch. I sat in the middle of the road for a second as everyone ran by and did a mental assessment. Was something broken? What was that crunching noise? My foot hurt. I knew that. It felt like it did when I had fractured it years back. Great.

This was the eighth year in a row that I had run this race. The first year I ran the Gate, I walked the entire race. It took over three hours, but I knew it was possible. So I trudged on. I finished the race with a horrible walk/run pace.


Can’t forget the “Mile 7 Banana”!



I worked hard for this one. Next year I vow to work hard before the race (in my training) so the race itself isn’t such a horrific struggle!

2 thoughts on “Gate River Run 2015

  1. Well I never figured out the Go Fred photo joke. This year was a tough Gate for me too. I did my first ever walk-run due to a foot injury incurred while training. It wasn’t a bad option and I’m glad I did it. But like you, I hope todo a better job next year and be better prepared. Nice race report, thanks.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Leigh! I really appreciate it.

      The Go Fred joke was pretty subtle because Fred Flinstone just happened to be running past the sign at that very moment. They cheered to him. He cheered to the sign. It was pretty hilarious.

      I have being injured. I’m glad you still got to participate in the race though. Cheers to a good Gate in 2016, rigth??

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