Susan G. Komen 5k

This race was sorta a big deal to me because it was one of my first official 5ks way back when (back in 2008 actually!).

I signed up for this one last minute through a free entry from work and ran it with a friend that was running his first 5k ever. That’s always fun!


It was a gorgeous day for the race. Slightly warm, but still cool. I set out to run this race for fun and just see how I finished up since it had been several months since I last ran a 5k. I had already started training for a half, so I knew I should be fine with the distance. I had completed a few weeks of training runs already, I just was completely unsure what pace I would finish up at.

I completely shocked myself by finishing in 31:06. My last 5k was completed in 33 minutes and the one prior was 35 minutes, so it was great to see so much progress! (Which I 100% attribute to Crossfit & better nutrition!)

I was slightly bummed I hadn’t tried to get a faster time though. I was only one minute six seconds away from getting seeded for the Gate River Run! Now I needed to find another 5k to sign up for!

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment!

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