Matanzas 5k

The Matanzas 5k in St Augustine was my first “official” race of the season. I can’t believe they were celebrating their 34th year!

I did this race with my friends from my CrossFit 904 box, and it was so much fun. Everyone met up early that morning at the box to carpool down to St. Augustine for the race. I carpooled with 4 other people which was a blast. The drive down seemed to take no time at all because everyone was joking around.

I’ve never done a race in St. Augustine before. For the course, you basically ran around the downtown area in a big loop. Thankfully cobblestones were not a concern on this route.


Somewhere it was posted or announced that they had about 4,000 people running the race. I was surprised because it really had the feel of a small race. I didn’t think it was ever that crowded at any point.


My legs were really tight this morning, so I forced myself to run about 1.5 miles just to warm up. My legs STILL didn’t feel quite right. I think maybe I was dehydrated. I really have no idea. It was pretty frustrating.


Before I knew it the race started and we were running down Avenida Menendez past Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grill – Yum!




It was a really pretty course. The weather was almost perfect for the race. The day had started out pretty cold, but by the time the race ended, it was almost too warm.


I was really glad to be done. While my time from previous halfs had significantly improved, I hadn’t hit my A goal which was to finish under 33 minutes. I ended up finishing in 35:01 (34:59 according to my Garmin) which was better than the 39 minutes I’d been running previously. I know if I keep training consistently, the time will improve, so I tried not to let this bother me too much. I was still a real bummer though.


We hung out for a bit to watch the kids race. Kids are so funny. Full steam ahead then walk. Original interval pros!


After the race, everyone headed to my favorite casual restaurant in St. Augustine, Back 40 Urban Café! This was the perfect post race place for us to go. I’d called ahead, so they set aside an entire room for all of us. There were over 20 of us! They say this place is the cities oldest secret… maybe not so much anymore!


Since Ragnar Relay Florida Keys is coming up, I HAD to enjoy a Key West Wheat. Yum!


And for lunch, I enjoyed the Island Bowl with both Jerk Chicken AND Avocado. It really was great as always!

Another fun run in the books. It was really great to run a race with everyone from CrossFit 904! We’ll have to pick another race in the future to all do together.

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