4Rivers Sweet Shop

A few months ago, 4 Rivers Smokehouse opened in Jacksonville off Baymeadows near 95. They really have the best barbeque I’ve personally tasted in the area. I don’t know what they do to their turkey, but it’s so juicy, not dry.


When I’d visited the first time, I was shocked to see they also had a HUGE sweet shop inside their restaurant. From outside, you really had no clue this was hiding inside.


Woah, right? Where does one even begin?


I love anything Reese’s, so these look delicious to me!


They even have their own cronut. I have yet to try a cronut.


Mmm more Reese’s.


Bourbon, maple and bacon cupcake anyone?


In case you can’t read these, it’s Mountain Dew & Dorito on the top. Cheerwine in the middle. and something with Nerds on the bottom.



Plus they make their own cakes. These cakes are gorgeous. No cutting corners here.


So for my visit which I dragged my awesome intern, Rodel, along with me, we were invited to try several of their holiday sweets. Oh my. They literally have something for everyone in their case just for the holidays!


Here’s the tray we were provided when we arrived. Let’s just say our sweet tooth basically whimpered ‘uncle’ when we were done and all we did was take one or two bites out of each!

Everything was delicious though some I did enjoy more than others. As you’ll see, these were all their holiday/fall flavors, so everything we tasted had lots of pumpkin and spice involved.

If you need to pick something up for holiday party or just to pep up your office, I highly recommend 4Rivers Sweet Shop. It’s easy to stop in and quickly pick up a variety of treats.


First up was the Pumpkin Bayou Bar. This has a pumpkin spice pecan short bread crust with a pumpkin cream cheese filling.


This was thick but had light flavors. I highly recommend getting this to go, heating it in the microwave and enjoying with some vanilla bean ice cream.


Next up was the Pumpkin Whoopie Pie. This is two pumpkin cakes sandwiched with pumpkin pie spice frosting and drizzled with white chocolate and toasted pecans.


This was really tasty but the cake was slightly dry. Being a huge Reese’s fan that I am, I can only imagine how delicious that one is!


The next item had definitely caught my eye from the beginning. It was HUGE. Literally 3-4 inches high and 5-6 inches wide. The Harvest Pumpkin Stack is made with pumpkin sponge cake with whipped mascarpone  filling with pumpkin pie spice topped with whip cream, caramel and toasted nuts.


This appeared as if it would be solid and thick like a cake. Because it’s made from sponge cake, it was really light and fluffy with very light spice flavors. I really enjoyed this one!


We also got to try their Pumpkin Cupcake which was available for a limited time for Halloween. This was made with pumpkin cake with cinnamon and nutmeg spices topped with house frosting to look like a pumpkin.


This tasted like I was eating frosted gingerbread. Really moist and full of spice flavorings. If you’re a huge spice fan, this is definitely for you.


Oh boy. It’s not the holidays without a slice of pumpkin pie but what about Pumpkin Pie Cheese Cake? This is made with a pecan ginger snap crust with sweet pumpkin cream cheese filling.


I loved the pumpkin cream cheese filling but didn’t care for the crust. I felt it was too thick and took away from the flavors of the pie,


This Pumpkin Cream bomb is a Pumpkin cupcake with vanilla bean mouse hidden inside. Then it’s frosted with pumpkin spice frosting with toasted pecans and caramel.


Oh yeaaaah. I really just love these. I typically think cupcakes are too dry with too much frosting on top and took much cake on the bottom. 4 Rivers ‘bombs’ have a solution for this. The mousse in the middle is delicious and keeps the cupcakes from getting dry.


Lastly we tried the Caramel Pumpkin Spice Cronut. Rodel was totally excited to get to try one of these. He’s a huge fan of cronuts.


These are made with a cinnamon brown sugar pumpkin spice and drizzled with caramel.


So the cronut which is a cross between a croissant and a donut had a nice doughey soft crunch to it. The cinnamon outside was delicious! I can definitely see why people are going crazy for these.

Have you ever tried a cronut before? Do you like them?

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