Grilled Avocados

This 4th of July, grill up something new with the usual burger & hot dogs. Grill up an avocado!


I used to be afraid of avocados. I knew they were high in fat and thought that was bad.

I was wrong.

Avocados are one of the healthiest foods out there. (and certain fats, the kind in avocados, are good for you… but that’s another day another post)

They’re great as guacamole, but they’re even better GRILLED.

First things first, you gotta know how to cut an avocado.

(It’s a bit difficult to take pictures of this by oneself, so bear with me here. )


First step is to hold the avocado in your left hand (or non-dominant hand). With a good knife (not a regular or steak knife) insert the knife in the center until you come to the seed. Then rotate around the avocado until you’ve cut a full circle around the avocado and seed essentially making two halves of the avocado.


Grab the avocado with both hands. One hand on one half, one on the other and gently twist. The seed will stick to one side and unstick from the other.


You end up with one good half and one half with a seed.


For the avocado that has the seed remaining in it. Place it in the palm of your non-dominant hand. With your knife, slightly wack the knife into the seed. The twist. The seed should pop right out.


Then you should [hopefully] end up with two good halves.


Pour a little bit of olive oil in the center and rub it on the outside with your finger. Place the avocado cut-side-down on the grill for about 10-15 minutes until they start to brown and get a crust.


When cooked, sprinkle with some lime juice and fill the center with some salsa.


Then, grab a spoon and dig in! If you brace the avocado with one hand, you can slide a spoon between the skin and the avocado slowly loosening it until it’s ready to pop out. Dig in.

7 thoughts on “Grilled Avocados

      1. That was great!!! I did just like you said, only I did it in my toaster oven on broil for almost 10 minutes, watch closely. Smells and tastes fantastic, like a mexican baked potato or whatever, really good and satisfying. I work at home, I might do this for quick lunches here and there. Thanks!

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    Hugs, Cathy

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