CrossFit 904 #julychallenge #nostarch

A few weeks ago I sauntered into the gym and saw this written on the dry erase board…

photo 1

Hmm. This is honestly how I typically eat at home. We really haven’t been eating much pasta or bread in quite a while. I think we could successfully accomplish this. The REAL challenge will be…dining out.

I honestly need to rein in my habits when dining out anyways, so this could be perfect timing. This also means no chips, no delicious Taco Lu queso, no tortillas, no melt-in-your-mouth grits from Palm Valley Fish Camp, no bread baskets, no pasta, no flakey Maple Street biscuits… I may not eat starches at home, but I definitely take advantage of them when dining out.

photo 4

…but I don’t want to be the one responsible for making Ryan sad.

photo 2 photo 3

So of course I signed up. If you’re curious what I end up eating at home and on-the-go, keep following this page.


Monday, July 1

photo 11

Nom Nom Paleo Collard Greens with grilled Cajun Seasoned Snapper.

I actually prepped the collards last week when I was cooking another dinner, and they sat in the fridge for about half a week until I was ready to use them for this dinner.


Tuesday, July 2

photo 2 (1)

Sweet potato oven fries with two mini grass fed beef burgers from Black Hog Farm (In case you’re wondering, we are permitted sweet potatoes within reason for this challenge).


Wednesday, July 3

photo (2)

Wednesday was a little tough. Adam’s mom was in town so we headed to my favorite restaurant, Palm Valley Fish Camp, which meant I had to order something WITHOUT grits. Instead, I ordered blackened shrimp with a side of collards and a side of their mixed veggies which was squash, zucchini and onions.


Thursday, July 4

Freebie Day


Friday, July 5


Sockeye Salmon with grilled zucchini


Saturday, July 6

So I managed to win tickets to my first NASCAR event, the Coke Zero 400 this past Saturday. Not knowing I could bring real food into the event, I was stuck with their concessions. aka a burger that tasted so terrible I had to eat the bun (I really doubt there was any real meat in that thing) and french fries. Boo. I failed.


Sunday, July 7

I was crazy hungover so I went mexican. Hangovers crave starch. It was a hopeless battle.


Monday, July 8


After a solid night’s sleep, I got my act together and dug myself out of the downward spiral that was a 4 day weekend bender, and managed to make one of the most delicious meals. Just plain ol’ tacos with collard green wraps. Seriously delicious. For the taco seasoning,  I used this mix of spices I had on hand. I just browned the ground beef in a pan. Once cooked, I added the seasoning mix to taste. For the collards, I pulled the leafs off the bunch. Rinsed them and snapped off the bottom white part. (This probably has a name. who knows). Then patted them dry with a paper towel. Then proceeded to stuff my face without guilt.


Tuesday, July 9

Thankfully I had leftovers from Monday, so I had a delicious repeat meal with the leftover collard greens from last week. Surprisingly the collard greens were still good.


Wednesday, July 10


SHRIIIIIIMP! I love shrimp. I also had a mix of roasted broccoli, green peppers and carrots, but already shoved that all in my face before I remembered to snap a photo! You can still see some on the broccoli.

Shrimp is one of the easiest meals I can make. We buy the Seabest Seafood easy peel shrimp. I just pour it frozen in a colander and run a little bit of cold water over it.  When it’s thawed, I peel it. Fun times. I usually do this when I’m cooking dinner earlier in the week or part of Sunday prep. Then I just boil a pot of water, pour the shrimp in and like 1-2 minutes later, the shrimp is done. You know when the shrimp starts curling on itself. Drain the water then just sprinkle the shrimp with Creole seasoning and enjoy!




Could you ever take on a challenge like this? How different would it be from how you’re currently eating? Do you have any favorite #nostarch meals?

5 thoughts on “CrossFit 904 #julychallenge #nostarch

      1. Grilled asparagus with a drizzle of olive oil and a dash of garlic salt paired with broiled tilapia, also drizzled with olive oil, lemon juice and black pepper. Yumm-o!

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