Half Marathon Training Week #3

3 weeks down, only 15 more weeks to go!

Catch up on previous weeks training


Run 4.5 miles –

Made up for my skipping out on my long run last weekend. It wasn’t a great run.





Back Squats


*Goal percentages will be 95%-70%-95%-60%-95%-50%.

After our warm-up, we took time to figure out our 1 rep max for back squats. To do this, I setup a bar and got started. I started with 25# on either side of the 35# bar (for a total of 85#). I tried a rep at that weight, and then added either 10#, 5# or even 2.5# to each side until I found a solid weight that almost felt so heavy I wouldn’t be able to stand up straight.

Once I determined my max weight, (which ended up being 165#) I was ready to start on the day’s WOD (workout of the day). To start, I needed to calculate what the weights would be.

photo 2

For the WOD, we were to start off with one rep at 95% of my max weight. This meant I needed to take 5% off my 1 rep max. (0.95 * 165 = 155)

The second round was to be 70% of my 1 RM (0.70*165 = 115) which I actually did 125. Fourth round at 60% would be 100# (I did 105#). Sixth round at 50% would be 82.5# (I did 85#).

In between each of these scaled rounds, we did the 1 rep max one time. Whew! This workout was tough. We were supposed to do the 10, 20, and 30 reps all unbroken which means without stopping.

photo 4


Run 3 miles

I pushed through with 4/1 intervals running for 4 minutes and walking for 1 minute. My legs were tired after the previous days squats, but I am at least glad I’m improving enough to run the day after CrossFit.




Rest day



Rest day



5 mile Long Run + CrossFit

photo 3

After getting a bit wastey Stacey the night before, getting up early Saturday morning was a bit of a challenge. With CrossFit being on Saturdays (& not Sunday’s like I’m used to), I’m often sore the day after making it incredibly difficult to fit in a long run. So I decided to start trying to get my long runs in BEFORE CrossFit. So on Saturday we got up early (only 7 am, nothing too crazy) and ran 5 miles along the Nocatee Parkway.

After the run, I swung back by my house to pickup my friend, Christa, who was checking out the gym that day. I headed to CrossFit looking forward to a typical Saturday workout. Unfortunately this was not the case. When I looked at the board, I saw


2 Heros = 1 rough day

800 M run
400 M run backwards
75 snatch (75, 55)
800 M run
400 M run backwards

Christa and I worked out together and split the workout. This meant we each did a 400 M run, 200 M run backwards, 37 or 38 snatches, then a 400 M run and a 200 M run backwards.

Uh.. I’d already ran 5 miles.. looks like I was going to be adding another mile to my total for the day. What was surprisingly hard, was the backwards runs. Running backwards makes one run more on the balls of their feet which made my calves cramp!

For the snatch, we did the 35# bar with 10# on either side for a total of 55#. The weight was easy for a snatch at first, but quickly became challenging after a handful of reps. It was a good challenging workout!



Rest Day


Weekly Totals

  • Ran:  12.5 miles
  • CrossFit:  2 workouts
  • Workouts: 4
  • Time:  2 hrs 54 mins

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