Which Way 5k

Wednesday I took part in the 1st Pace Sports Which Way 5k. I’m not usually really excited about 5k races (I’M SLOOOW) let alone during the summer (HOOOOOT!) especially on a week day, buuuut this race intrigued me.

  • It was free race
  • It wasn’t until 6:30 pm
  • It was a maze. Yup, a maze.


So everyone met up at 1st Place Sports in San Marco Wednesday night and wandered around the store until we were ready to get started. I was glad to run into my friend Vanessa in the store.


Asics was on site offering people the opportunity to ‘test drive’ a pair of shoes for the race.


Finally it was time to get started so everyone walked a few blocks over to the starting line to get started. Doug went over the instructions for the race.

We would run down the street until we saw signs. One would say to turn right, while the other would direct the opposite direction. We were to make a decision and run that way until we came to another decision intersection or a sign that said dead end. If the sign said dead end, we would have to turn around and run back to the intersection and go the other way.

If we make the correct choice at every turn, we would run a 5k. If we make a wrong turn, we could run up to 4 miles.



270397_10151448035497283_423581747_n (1)



Vanessa and I had decided to start the race together, which was fun. We decided we would each take turns deciding which way to go at each turn.


Almost immediately we were forced with a decision. I said we should go straight. Just a few steps in we saw someone (a fast someone) from the group running back towards us. Uhh that means we were definitely headed in the wrong direction. We immediately turned around, ran back and hung a right.


The entire course took us through gorgeous neighborhoods of the San Marco area. I spent a lot of the race drooling over the various houses.


It was hot and miserable and brutal. The houses were a nice distraction. We passed mile one and we pressed on.


I think I could handle this house. I could make it work…


Wait. Where was mile 2?


Before I knew it, we were finishing and I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN HAPPIER. Thank god we were done. My legs were shot from runs and CrossFit earlier in the week. It was blistering hot. It was miserable. I checked my Garmin, and we’d only actually ran 2 miles? Hmm..


Well, I am happy to say this is the ONLY race I’ve ever beat Adam… and Everett and Ron!?! No way!

OK so apparently instead of taking a turn that adding distance, at some point we took one that actually shaved distance off. A whole MILE off. I didn’t care, it was really hot and miserable. I’m just glad we were out there getting some miles in, and we were done.

It was a fun race that helped make another training run more fun than usual!

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