Half Marathon Training Week #2

2 weeks down, only 16 more weeks to go!

Catch up on previous weeks training


Run 3 miles – 36 minutes, 11:50 pace

Cranked out 3 miles while watching Sex and the City on mute with captions on while blaring new music. Definitely kept me entertained.

Just started watching the whole show again. Any guesses which mile of my 270 miles of training I’ll finish the whole series  on? (not counting the movies)





3 Rds of
10 Pullups
10 KBS (1.5,1)
10 Jumping Lunges
Rest 2 mins

*Record total reps for each round separately and try to stay consistent.

AMRAP = as many rounds as possible

In general, we had 4 minutes to do as many rounds as possible of the above workout. If we finished, we did it again until time was up. If we ran out of time, we stopped. took a 2 minute break and then did it again. We did this 4 minutes on, 2 minutes off three times total.

It was hot. I felt pukey on kettle-bells. I don’t recall ever feeling that way with kettle-bells before. It was a good workout. I just pushed through and kept myself going when I could focusing on my breathing. It seems breathing helps me ward off the pukeys.


For the first round, I ended up completing two rounds. I used the gray and blue bands for assisted pull ups. I did the 26# kettle-bells and step back lunges without the jump. The lunges were double count by the way.

For the second round, I completed one round but on the second round, I completed 7 of the 10 lunges.

For the third and final round, I had to switch to jumping pull-ups instead of the bands. I completed one round but on the second, I completed the kettlebells but not the lunges.

Once we were finished, I stayedfor the days Beach Body WOD which we needed to hold a plank for a total of 3 minutes. I broke this up into 6 :30-second segments with a :15-second break in between.

It was tough but I was glad I stuck it out. I think I might do this 2-3x a week to improve.



Run 4 miles – Which Way 5k


Wednesday, I headed out to the Which Way 5k at 1st Place Sports in San Marco for a blazing hot 2 mile run. It was a fun way to get a few miles in.




My legs were beat, so I took the day off instead.



Rest Day

I felt pretty good, so I hopped on the dreadmill for a 3 mile happy hour. Kept myself entertained again watching Sex and the City on mute while playing music.




 photo 2

Saturday are always fun days. It’s the only day of the week they DON’T post the workout in advance. They’re usually group workouts with everyone working in teams of 2 or groups of 3, 4 or more.

photo 3

It was the first time I met these guys. CrossFit is known for people doing crazy things with big tires and sledge hammers. Until today, I hadn’t experienced any of this.

For our workout, we were in teams of 4. We carried one tire out 100 meters and back 100 meters. Then we did pushups on the tire and then squats. It was definitely challenging. I was placed with a good group that really pushed us to not cut corners and keep working at an intense pace. We carried the tire on our shoulders so I actually had bruises on my shoulders the following few days! Its a good reminder of a hard workout completed. 🙂



Long Run – 4.5 miles

I was supposed to do a long run, but my legs were fried again from Saturday’s workout. They’re taking a beating lately and really fighting this whole activity thing.

I’m not really a fan of doing my long runs during the week, but since my ‘long run’ is only 4.5 miles, I think I can suck it up and squeeze it in Monday night. I’m scheduled to run Monday night anyways, so what’s another 1.5 miles.


Weekly Totals

  • Miles Ran: 8 miles
  • CrossFit: 2 workouts
  • Workouts: 5
  • Time: 3 hrs 46 mins

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