4 Rivers Smokehouse


Now when I first heard 4 Rivers Smokehouse was coming to Jacksonville from Orlando, my first thoughts were “Oh great. Another bbq place?” We have Bonos, MOJOs, Monroe’s, Woodys, Driftwood, Jenkins, Sonny’s, The Pig, Sticky Fingers, Treemendous, Up In Smoke, Cattlemen’s, Shanes, and more.

As it got closer to 4 Rivers opening now that it was on my radar, I kept hearing people not just talk about it, but rave about it. Honestly, even with several people raving about it, my expectations weren’t that high. I expected the same quality I’ve had time and time again.

Boy, was I wrong.


When you first arrive, you are greeted with the corrals to wait in line. It was incredibly busy when we went Friday around 6:30 pm. I heard it was even busier Saturday at dinner (rumor has it the line went outside and around the building). Now, typically when a new place opens in Jacksonville, it is quite busy for the first month or two but then it dies down. Looking at the length of their corral line, 4 Rivers does not expect things to be dying down anytime soon.


When you first show up, you pick your entrée then your sides. They have quite an array of sides. Cornbread Salad, Fried Pickles, Mac & Cheese, Baked Cheese Grits, Smoked Jalapenos, BBQ Beans, Potato Salad, Corn, French Fries, Southern Green Beans, Collards, Coleslaw, Fried Okra, Texas Cornbread, Sweet Potato Casserole, and Bread Pudding.


The seating area is really simple. There’s several community tables available and a few booths.


For my entrée, I ordered a Classic Dinner Plate with Smokehouse Turkey (warm) which came with 3 sides and a biscuit. For my sides, I had to try their Mac & Cheese. I also ordered the bacon wrapped cream cheese stuffed jalapenos and bread pudding.Oof. It was a ridiculous amount of food!


Adam ordered a Classic Dinner plate with pulled pork and prime rib and his sides were Mac & Cheese, Sweet Potatoes, and Collards.

The turkey was incredible. I’ve never had turkey at a BBQ joint that was actually moist, not dry. It was honestly the best I’ve had (that wasn’t home made).

The Mac & Cheese and the biscuit were both a huge disappointment. The Mac was watery and nothing special. The cheese didn’t seem real. I was really expecting a nice fluffy, flaky biscuit. It was actually chewy. Hmm.

I honestly didn’t realize I’d eaten the bread pudding until it was gone… it was that good. The bacon wrapped jalapenos were really good too. There must have been a seed in the second one still because wheeeew it was spicy!


It was at this time, I looked up and realized there was a Sweet Shop in the corner. That was a surprise! I saw tons of people walk by mesmerized.


Wow. What a spread!!


I want to try one of everything (unless it has shredded coconut on it). Yummo!

Have you tried 4 Rivers Smokehouse yet? What’d you think?



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