WOD 6-8 Jump Around!

You just never know what to expect with a Saturday workout. This day, when I first walked in, THE BOARD WAS BLANK. I didn’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing. Does this mean he hasn’t even planned the workout for the day or does this mean it’s so bad, he doesn’t want to write it up on the board until everyone arrives…

photo 4

Finally, Josh walked up and wrote some stuff on the board. I saw Lateral Bounds which I wasn’t familiar with and saw a lot of 100’s under the days WOD.  I basically ignored the WOD and just focused on the Lateral Bounds, which I quickly became real familiar with.

photo 1

Doesn’t look entirely safe, but surprisingly didn’t move hardly at all. Essentially you stood on one side and jumped sideways over the two white PVC pipes then jumped back to where you started. The goal was to do so without pausing at any point.

I joined a group off to the side that seemed to be about my same intensity. We started with the PVC pipes just lying on the ground and each took a turn jumping back and returning. With my knees, this was the exact warm-up I needed. Once everyone completed that with no problem, we sandwiched each PVC pipe between a set of weights to raise it up. Everyone took a turn jumping through. Then we raised them up again slightly higher. Jump. Rinse. Repeat. I thought this method worked well for me personally. I was surprised how high I was ultimately able to jump. We ended up raising it about mid thigh height by the end. I can’t remember exactly how high it was anymore, but it was definitely challenging.

photo 2

The other teams in our box were getting really intense with this exercise. On the tallest end, the Rogue boxes measure 30” (the height of an average dining table FYI). They had the boxes on the highest end with the PVC pipes balanced on top of plates to make it even HIGHER! (The above picture is not on the highest side) It was incredible to watch how high some people can jump. The PVC pipe was at waist height for several people and guys AND girls still cleared it. That’s impressive!

photo 3

After all that, it was time for the WOD. We partnered up. I ended up partnering with a new girl, Lauren, which was a lot of fun. She was there to check out the gym for the first time. Did you know your first workout at CrossFit 904 is free?

So we set up different stations in the gym. One for Ground to Overhead, another for medball situps, and a third for Jumping Squats.

We did the medball situps with a 12# ball. The Jumping Squats were actually done while holding a kettlebell at your chest. I think I used a 12# kettlebell for this. I was going to do a higher weight (this was the smallest weight available) but with the jumps added into the squat, this was killer! The last exercise, the Ground to Overhead I used a 15# weight. I had high hopes and started with the 35# only to drop down to reality after a few reps.

The count was 100 – but it was split between you and your partner, so each teammate only had to do 50 each. We actually chose to scale down to 80 reps which was 40 reps each.

We split into 3 groups and got started. Each group couldn’t move forward to the next station until everyone in their entire group was done with their reps. Then there was some rule at the end that everyone had to do BURPEES for whatever reason. I completely missed why, I just know all of a sudden everyone had to do 18 burpees and it was a mass chaos burpee situation as everyone knocked these out as quickly as possible.

photo 5

Yup, it was a great way to start a Saturday. Next week’s Saturday team WOD is actually a beach WOD. Can’t wait to check that out!

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