WOD 6/1 It’s a boy!

photo 1

Today’s WOD was a special workout designed by one of our trainers to celebrate the our coach, Josh, and his wife, Wendy, who are expecting a baby soon.


photo 2 (2)

Before we got into the WOD, we got a good warm-up in.

photo 1 (2)

So for fun, we did 9 exercises which represented 9 months of gestation. We grouped those 9 exercises into 3 groups to represent 3 trimesters. To top it off, we did 40 reps of each exercise to represent the number of weeks one is pregnant. How fun, right?

photo 4

Even the exercises were ‘pregnancy’ themed. Each ‘trimester’ started out with a  run… where we also had to carry a medicine ball. We didn’t just carry it though, we carried it low in front… juuust like someone pregnant might hold their belly. That was interesting! Instead of situps, we did birthing situps. Lol!

photo 5

What made it even more fun was Wendy joined us for all the workouts (but she didn’t need to carry a medicine ball – she has her own!)

photo 2 (3)

I worked out in a team with Danielle & Bill who I was surprised to learn were married! I find it hilarious how many people I meet at CrossFit individually only to learn later are married – like Josh and Wendy!


24 Hour AMRAP – Nap, Eat, Poop, Cuddle

WODing since 2013

I burpee’d and pood for time

Several people from the group chipped in and surprised Josh & Wendy with the cutest baby onesies with CrossFit themes. They were hilarious, so I had to share these too.

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