WOD 5-31 – EMOM Snatch & Double Unders

photo 3

Yay! Another day of CrossFit! I was looking forward to today’s class when I looked up the workout the night before on the website. We started with a good warm-up of a short run, jump rope and then some stretching with the PVC pipe.

photo 2

We reviewed the movements and finally it was time for the workout! Today was my first EMOM which stands for Every Minute On the Minute. On the odd minutes, we did 3 snatch exercises. On the even minute, we did 20 double unders. I actually did 40 regular jump ropes since I haven’t mastered the double unders yet… or even a single one.

The goal was to complete your 3 snatches or jump ropes in :30-seconds so you had the rest of the time (:30-seconds) to rest.

photo 4

It was surprisingly not that hard of a workout, and I felt I completed everything fairly easy. I think if I were to do this workout again, I’d definitely go up in weight on the snatches.

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