WOD 5-29 Holdin’ On

I was looking forward to today’s WOD because it included a skill I’d already spent time on… The 5 Rep Max for Deadlifts. I was looking forward to returning to a skill to see if I’d improved any over the past few weeks.

Plus earlier in the day I saw a great, motivational post on Facebook by my friend, Stephanie, saying how proud she was of herself for her recent fitness successes. In the post she mentioned some of her progress including her 1 rep max for Deadlifts. This girl is in beat mode, let me tell you! Well seeing as her weight was so much higher than mine, it sparked the competitive demon in me to really try hard at tonight’s WOD (even though I know I’m not ready to come close to her accomplishments… but that’s okay in my book).

photo 1

We got things started with a warm-up. Inch Worms are sorta awkward to me. In case you’re not familiar, here’s what an inch worm is.

photo 2

For the Skill/Strength part of the workout, we jumped right into finding out our 5 RM Deadlift. For this I started with the 45# bar with a 10# weight and slowly added weight. I am thrilled to say I increased my 5 RM Deadlift from 135# to 150#! I also think I could have done a bit more (maybe 5-10# more), but I actually ran out of time! Can’t wait to do these again soon. It’s always exciting when you see progress!

photo 3

I really liked our WOD. The Farmer’s carry was a fast walk with a 10# weight in each hand. We had to hold them at our sides one plate per hand. Sounds easy, but it got really hard by the third round. My hands started cramping, and I realized this was specifically to help strengthen our grip. The strict Press wasn’t a big deal. The 20 burpees were challenging (but for some reason, I sorta like these now. They aren’t as tough as they used to be).

photo 4

I really felt I worked my butt off at this workout. It was really humid too. I was shocked when I was not only the first girl to finish, but the first person to finish. Either that means I really worked hard, or I didn’t do a high enough weight. I really felt as though I did the whole way through. I know this is sorta silly since we’re really just competing against our individual selves, but it is nice to finish first once in a while.

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