National Donut Day

For the two people that read my blog (besides me, I don’t count), you probably just cringed. I went right from National Running Day to National Donut Day. Kinda thinking now these two days should be reversed…

Since today is National Donut Day, you can enjoy a free donut of your choice (while supplies last) with any beverage purchase (any size or style) at Dunkin’ Donuts today only.

Plus Dunkin is celebrating on Twitter with a National Donut Day Twitter Sweepstakes. Follow @DunkinDonuts on Twitter. They’ll be tweeting a name and image of several innovative donut creations from around the world. Guess the country where the donut is available using the hashtag #DDonut to enter to win a $50 Dunkin’ donuts mGift. They’ll be awarding six total throughout the day. That’s a fun way to celebrate!

I, along with a good handful of other North Florida based bloggers, was invited to celebrate early yesterday at Dunkin Donuts. I am a huge fan of Dunkin Donuts, but I’m really all about the coffee. Enough, in fact, it’s what I brew at home even! When it comes to the food, I enjoy a bagel about once a month, and it’s usually just a plain bagel with plain cream cheese. Craziness!

Speaking of coffee, I started things off with a one of my own.


And they brought out samples of their Baskin Robins mint chocolate chip flavored coffee. It was good, but I don’t care for flavored coffee. I don’t even like pumpkin coffee.


We tried the turkey sausage breakfast sandwich.  (They gave us a small portion of it, not the whole sandwich. Thank god!)


They have some new Bakery Sandwiches including the Ranch Bacon Chicken Sandwich. This was surprisingly good. I was expecting overpowering ranch flavors, but it was mild and blended in just as it should.


We sampled a few of their frozen drinks, but I was a fan of their iced hot chocolate. This would be delicious after a hot, long run!


They’ve also released new Summer Fruit Donuts to celebrate the season. This is the Lemonade donut. Looks so innocent…


…until you bite into it and BAM! Lemonade flavoring. With the icing and toppings, it was more than just lemon flavored, it blended together to taste like lemonade. Very sweet!


Their other Summer Fruit Donut is the Key Lime. This was definitely my favorite of the two because o the graham cracker topping.


Of course their latest craze is their Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich which is a new permanent addition to the menu. Surprisingly only 360 calories, it features a fried egg and two slices of bacon between a sliced glazed donut. If you’re into salty/sweet combos, this MAY be for you. Some people from the group LOVED THIS, other’s weren’t sold on it. It didn’t seem as though anyone hated it though.


Cross-section of the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich.


I was surprised (but yet, not surprised) to hear Dunkin occasionally gets special requests for parties, weddings and such. (It seems they make quite a few grooms cakes!) This fun creation was for a recent event. Check it out! A chocolate glazed donut inside of a sliced glazed donut with clever frosting to make it look like a burger! Too funny!


I brought an extra one of these into work afterwards, and everyone thought it was hilarious.


And of course, several Dunkin Donuts share space with Baskin Robins so an ice cream cake appeared! I absolutely LOVE ice cream cakes! Baskin Robins has some of the best too. I learned you can actually get custom ice cream cakes made however you want including the insides. If you want it all chocolate with sprinkles and no cake, they can do that. If you want half cake, half ice cream, you can specify the flavors for the cake and the ice cream. The only thing they ask is for 24-48 hours notice, though they’ll do what they can to make it work whenever possible.

Does the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich sound yummy or gross to you? Would you have the guts to try it? If you do, let me know what you think!

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