WOD 5/23 – Wallballs and Kettlebell Swings

After having a couple of frustrating workouts with exercises I have to MOD, I was thrilled to see a WOD right up my alley.

photo 5

photo 23 rounds of 800 M run, 25 Wallballs, and 25 Kettlebell Swings. I may not be able to Rx this workout (do the workout at the prescribed weight) just yet, but I knew I could do the whole workout and do well.

The runs would definitely be a tough one. It’s funny. The runs are actually meant more for recovery than for you to go ‘all out’.

This was my first workout with a lot of wallballs, so I knew they would challenge me. I just focused on doing a full beyond parallel squat on the way down (this is where your butt goes past your knees for a nice deep squat), tossing the ball up towards the wall above the black line and ultimately catching it on my way down into another squat.

I was tired, but I did get a few good rounds in. I even had a round of 5 good ones all in a row.

Since the Rx was 16# for women, I started with that weight, but after about 10, I dropped down to the 12# ball.


photo 1

Next up was the kettlebells. I practiced with the Rx weight of 35# and was pleased to see I could do it at a lower rep count during warmup, but when it was time for the workout, I dropped down to the 26#.

photo 3

This was the first REALLY hot day at CrossFit. There’s no air conditioning, so these fans are lifesavers. I can only imagine how much these suckers cost!

photo 4

I was pleased with my time considering I did the full workout. (You had the option to lower the distance of the runs or the number of reps for the wall balls or kettlebell swings, which is perfectly fine. I was feeling good, so I decided to try for the whole whamma mamma!)


Afterwards, I was wiped, and passed on doing the optional Beach Body WOD. I’d say I had a good calorie burn without it!

I did spend a lot of time stretching after class. I also made friends with the foam roller and the lacrosse balls. One of the best things I’ve learned at CrossFit is the magic of the lacrosse balls. These are 100x better to roll out sore muscles with than a tennis ball. I like them so much, I even bought some for home. They’re only $1 at Academy Sports too!

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