WOD 5/21 – Regional Team WOD 6 & a Beach Body WOD

After barely (mentally) making it through the “I Hated Everything Wod”, I was dreading this workout from the very second I pulled it up on the website.

Hand Stand Pushups again? (we do not get along)

Double Unders? (these are jump ropes where the rope goes two circles for one jump)

TTB? Toes To Bar? (Ugh, another movement I can’t really do & the MOD for this is kinda lame.)

I would have skipped it, but it was one of the few days in this busy week I could make CrossFit, so I had to go.

photo 3

As usual, we got things started with a warm up. After a short run, we each found a jump rope and made sure it was the right length. We started with just singles which I was pleased that I felt alright doing these. I have no clue if/when I will ever be able to do my first double under. We were told the trick to these is to actually jump HIGHER off the ground. I had worn my hair in a pony tail and the rope kept catching on it.

After a few lunges, presses and swinging knee raises, we were good to go. Practicing the knee raises, I could see my grip had slightly improved since the past workout, so I was able to complete one or two knee raises at a time.

I really really miss ab straps from Timed Exercise.  It’s amazing those went from my most dreaded exercise to one of my favorites after a year and a half of working out there. I know with time my grip will improve, it’s really frustrating to not be able to do an exercise because of something that seems so silly though.

photo 2

For the day’s WOD, it was one of the regional event exercises but split into teams of two. (Basically so we all didn’t die). I can’t believe people at the regional WOD complete ALL of these exercises. (Meaning, they do it all, not as a partner WOD).

I was paired up with a really intense guy who kept me focused. He was an incredibly hard worker. Since we were doing singles and not doubles, we each had to do 100 singles instead of splitting the first Double Unders.

Next we did HSPU – the dreaded hand stand push ups. I was thrilled they didn’t make us doing the horrible MOD from last time. We just did more shoulder to overheads. During the warm up I tried to do a hand stand push up, and almost got one in. I can tell I’m close which is exciting.

For the first shoulder to overhead move, I did 55#, and for the second I did 65#. For the walking lunges, I lowered the weight back down to 55# because my knees have been bothering me a bit.

photo 1

My partner and I wrapped things up together in 21 minutes at 8 seconds.

photo 2

They also started a new optional WOD we can do after our regular WOD. I still had some energy after our WOD so I joined in. I wasn’t super fast, but I got it done.

photo 4

Considering I usually only burn around 500 calories per workout, you can see this one was definitely tough and the added Beach Body WOD helped add an extra calorie burn too!

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