WOD 5/14 – All About the Snatch

Today’s workout was my first snatch workout.

photo 3

We got things started doing some simple movements. I was, of course, late so I did some burpees instead of the 400M run. Then 10 overhead squats and 10 passthroughs. These are essentially using a very light pvc pipe to move your arms in circles to warm up the shoulder. Next we did 10 dislocates which were kind of like doing big arm circles while holding onto the pvc pipe. After that we foam rolled.

photo 2

We went through the movements slowly for a warm up to ensure everyone had the movements down and to determine what weight everyone should do.  For the movements, the instructors broke everything down into several steps. We learned and perfected step one before adding on step two and so on. Step one was just picking the bar up off the ground and bringing it to the knees. Step two was the hip pop to bring the bar to chest level etc.

The bar is 45#, so I added a 10# weight on for a total of 55#.  It didn’t feel that bad, but I knew the final round had 21 shatches in it so this weight would definitely be challenging by that point.

Then we got started. For the snatch, you start with the bar on the ground, and then with your legs pick it up thrust your hips (which is essentially to getting the weight up without killing yourself) and finish with a big upright row. Then, you reverse everything until the weight taps the ground, then repeat.

I enjoy the workouts where we run in them. They’re big calorie burners and really kick up the intensity.

photo 1

I was fairly please with my finishing time and felt I got a solid workout in.

photo 4

Until next time, snatch!

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