WOD 5/11 – CrossFit 101 & a Team WOD

I started the day out early at CrossFit 101. This class was a voluntary class for anyone in our box to attend. This day we focused on the 4 types of squats. The next class in two weeks, CrossFit 102 will focus on everything else. The movement in squats is just such an important skill to perfect, the spend a whole hour covering just them.

Lucky me, I was the only one that showed up. [sarcasm] I’m not really a fan of being the only person there because then I get all the attention. It can be awkward sometimes!

I really liked doing the CrossFit 101 class and will definitely be attending the next 102 class that I can fit into my schedule. If you’re a fellow CrossFitter from my box and you haven’t attended these yet, I highly recommend them.

Afterwards, I joined in on the day’s WOD. Saturday’s are fun because they’re either partner or team WODS.

photo 1

Today I got to workout with Jason and Dawn who were both great teammates. Dawn could not be more positive and smiley and innocent with her southern drawl. Jason is just this little beast. You might not expect it at first, but then you turn around and he’s squatting a full bar of weight… with a smile. WHO DOES THAT?!

photo 2

This was a fun team WOD because it was easily scalable. There was a lot of equipment involved, so things were a bit ‘squirly’ during the walkthrough to determine everyone’s weights etc. Once we had a chance to walk through everything, the WOD came together. We grouped the exercises above. One teammate would do one move, while one was doing the other move and the third teammate was resting. Then we’d rotate until everyone had a chance to do 1/3 of the reps that were listed.

Here’s what we did:

90 Wallballs and Pullup Hold

For this, we each did 30 wallballs. While one teammate was doing the wallballs, the other teammate held onto a pullup hold. The third teammate rested. I used bands to assist myself in the pullup hold.

200M buddy carry (or hold weight)

Then the three of us set off together in a 200M fast walk while holding a 35# weight. One person held the weight at the time and we transferred it as needed.

90 kettlebell swings and Hold Ringdip

Then same as the wallballs above, one teammate was completing their 30 kettlebell swings while the other held themselves up with the ringdips. The third teammate rested. The kettlebells weren’t bad (I actually like those), and I used bands to assist myself for this.

200M buddy carry (or hold weight)

Same as above. This was the time I actually got to carry the weight halfway. It was a lot harder than it looked, plus it was incredibly hot, humid, and steamy.

90 Box Overs and Hold Plank

Next we each did 30 box overs while one teammate held a plank and the other rested.

200M buddy carry (or hold weight)

Lastly, we completed a final 200M carry.


photo 3

For my pullup hold, I used the black band. I used the 26# kettlebell, 12# wallball and we carried the 35#. I’m curious to see how I improve over time with these movements.

photo 4

Not a bad start for a Saturday!

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