WOD 5/9 – The I Hated Everything WOD

This workout sucked. I knew when I was getting frustrated just going over the individual exercises, I was in trouble. I like workouts when there is a clear MOD (modification) for an exercise I find impossible.

photo 1

We started into the warm-up. It was nice to not feel completely dead for once during the 400m run. I even had a conversation while running with another gym buddy. I forced myself to start up a conversation while we were running which was good too. (I should probably take the time now to apologize to anyone that ends up running next to me because they have to deal with my running ramblings.)

When we finished our run, we completed the lunges and then came the knee raises. These involved hanging from a bar while raising our knees. I’ve done ab straps in Timed Exercise before, but randomly hanging by my hands is a whole new level of frustration. So yeah I didn’t do many of those.

After that emotional drama happened, I completed the kettle bell swings and overhead presses without a problem.

photo 2

We did a quick review of the movements in today’s workout. Then we got started.

The Front Raise was essentially a walking lunge with the bar on our shoulders.

Then for lateral burpees, we did a burpee on one side jumped over the bar(ok, I just stepped) and then did a burpee on the other side of the bar repeat.

Then came T2B which stands for “toes to bar”. Yea, hang from the bar then raise your feet to touch the bar near your hands. The mod for this would be to hang and do knee raises.. yeah.. the same thing from the warm-up that frustrated me to no end. I tried a few, it just hurt. It hurt my hands. It was hard to hang there. I was frustrated. I ended up just doing jumping pull ups for the workout. Hopefully some day I’ll be able to We moved on.

Next was the Sumo Deadlift Highpull (youtube video). These weren’t bad.

Lastly we did Hand Stand Push Ups which I had already been anxious about. They had us practice a few to get a little acclimated. I did like half of one. Then they showed us a mod which is hard to explain but was definitely challenging.

After we walked through each exercise, I was definitely dreading the whole thing. Regardless of  how I felt, things got started.

I hated pretty much every minute of it. So, I think today’s challenge was really not about how fast or how many of each exercise I do, it was just about being there and finishing each one.

photo 3

I finally wrapped the agony up after almost 21 minutes.

photo 4

One good thing is I burned almost 500 calories. #rockstar

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