WOD 5/7 – Deadlift 5RM

Today’s CrossFit was my first time attempting to find a rep max of anything with today’s specific finding to be a 5 rep max. A rep max is typically referred to as the most amount of weight you can handle doing the exercise one time while keeping form and avoiding injury.

Now we don’t just show up, do the lift one time and leave.  We warm up (which I forgot to take a picture of), stretch out, roll muscles, and then start doing the movement with very light weight and slowly work our way up heavier and heavier until we feel satisfied it was heavy enough.

photo 2 (2)

Today’s workout was a 5 rep max of Deadlifts.

The goal today was to workup in weight with a significant rest in between each attempt until I found a weight I could do 5 reps of and only 5 reps of.

photo 3

When it was time to get started, we went over the movement with an light weight pvc pipe with Coach Amanda to ensure we had the proper movements down. We didn’t want to get started lifting such heavy weight without a refresher and double check to ensure we had the form down.

Once I had the movements down, I grabbed a bar and got started.

Round 1: 45# weight plus 10# weights on each side (65 lbs total)

For this round, I started with the bar which weights 45# on it’s own. I also grabbed a 10# weight for either side. I did this easily to get the movement down using weight.

Round 2: 45# weight plus 25# weights on each side (95 lbs total)

Next, I added a 10# and a 5# weight to either side to give me a total of 25# on each side. This was harder to move, but still doable.

photo 5

Round 3: 45# weight plus 30# weights on each side (105 lbs total)

For this round, I took the 5# weights off and added a 10# weight to either side.

Round 4: 45# weight plus 40# weights on each side (125 lbs total)

For this round, I took two of the 10# weights off and added two 15# weights to the remaining the 10# weight. Ooof. Yea, this was hard.

Round 5: 45# weight plus 45# weights on each side (135 lbs total)

Amanda looked at me (she had been watching, coaching, correcting, directing and cheering us on the whole time) and told me to add a 2.5# weight on either side.

I was hesitant at first, but still put the weights on. I was surprised I was still able to lift the weight. Don’t get me wrong. It was incredibly heavy, but I managed my way through my 5 reps.

photo 4

I am horrible at keeping track of everything in my head throughout a workout, so I wrote my weights down as we went. The weights above are just the weight on one side of the bar.

photo 3 (2)

If you take that weight, multiply it by two, and then add the bar weight, you’ll end up with the total amount I deadlifted. (Aside from the last one which was actually 45 pounds, not 42.5. Then I couldn’t do math. It’s really 135#, not 125#. I got confused and only listed the one 2.5 lb weight, not both. See? This is why I have to write this stuff down!)

For example, the first weight was 10 lbs. Multiply that for two to count the weight on both sides to get 20 lbs. Add the 45# bar, and you get a total of 65#s.

photo 4 (2)

photo 4 (2)

On the wall, they have a huuuuge chart (this is only half of it) to help you estimate your Rep Max’s. Since I know my 5RM, I would look on the chart between the 6RM and 4RM for the 135. Then, scan to the left to see about what my realistic 1 RM would be (I’m going to guess 150). Then I can also use this to predict the weight I should use if I’m supposed to lift 50% of my 1 RM, or 80% of my 1 RM. Pretty helpful.. you know… since I can’t do math in my head when I’m anywhere near a weight!


photo 5 (2)

This workout was definitely not a high calorie burner. Kinda disappointing since I typically burn 500 calories or more per class. It’s ok though. I walked on the treadmill after I got home while watching Brothers & Sisters and got a few more calories in.

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