WOD 4/30 – A Wallop of a Kiss

I was actually looking forward to this workout! Running and squats? Count me in! Overall, today’s workout didn’t look that bad.

photo 2

We started things off with the warm up which included my first ever wallballs.

photo 4

Wallballs means taking one of these..


going to the wall in the back, squatting, then throwing the ball up towards the wall until it hits above the black line for women, and blue line for men. OY! Sounds so easy, but I was glad we were only doing 10!

photo 1 (3)

After we finished the warm up, we spent some time doing squat therapy. These few exercises helped prepare us for the squats (and the run) which was ahead.

Before we got started with the WOD, Josh let us in on a tip. The run portion of the WOD was actually our ‘recovery’ period. Oh. That was a bit of a game changer. I was mentally prepared to give it my all on the run, but I guess I needed to rethink things a bit. This was when I realized I would be doing 200 squats in a day.

We started the WOD with the 400 meter run. Not bad. Then onto the first round of squats. I broke these up into sets of 10 to make them a bit more manageable. After I completed the first round of 50, I took the first few steps into my second 400 meter run. Whew. My legs felt like lead weights and my kneecaps snapped but I finished it out.

photo 3

In fact, I finished the entire workout. I broke it up into manageable pieces, and got it done. Another CrossFit workout, is in the books.

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