WOD 4/26 – Farmin’ Ain’t Easy

photo 2

This WOD was definitely a surprise. For some reason when I first read it the night before, I thought this was going to be my first Hand Stand class. I saw HRPU and thought I saw a variation of HSPU. (No idea if they even abbreviate the hand stands that way.) I figured I’d be doing a mod for that, so today might not be that bad. Yea, I was clearly wrong.

photo 2

We got things started for the day with the usual 400 m run. Then we completed 10 goblet squats (holding a kettle bell at your chest and squatting), 10 kb shrugs on each side, and the some 4-way pushups.

We quickly reviewed the movements of the day’s WOD (there wasn’t really anything complicated this day), and then we dove right on in.

photo 5

Essentially, what we did was pick a kettle bell up, walk across the gym with it in one hand, switch hands, walk back. Easy enough. This was to be our ‘recovery’ period.

Then we did however many squats indicated (unweighted). Ok, not bad.

The we did however many hand release pushups indicated. Uh hand release pushups? I did not know what this was. I do now. It’s a fancy way of saying triceps pushup where you also gently set yourself on the ground in between pushups. Well, you’re supposed to do it gently. For someone that’s been doing arms out at a 90` angle, these were a bit of a challenge. Solution?


I wrapped a band (ginormous rubber band) around my waist. When demonstrated, it looked like it was going to be uncomfortable and awkward, but once I tried it, it wasn’t all that bad. This enabled me to take some of the weight off so I could really focus on the triceps pushup form without dropping to my knees.

photo 3 (2)

I found this method to be incredibly effective (and judging by the grunts of my class mates, they did too). I definitely felt it specifically in meat of my triceps. In fact, I felt it for about 3 days later. OY!

This made me determined to tackle triceps pushups. I’ve been focusing on this specific form for all pushups since.

photo 2 (2)

Since the WOD itself was brief, we finished up by focusing on a skill of our choice for 10 minutes. I felt kinda wiped, so I decided to just burn some extra calories on the row machine. This was the first time I’d hopped on the row machine at CrossFit. I’ve done it on my own at the YMCA. Josh, our coach, recommended I do 3 rounds of 500 yards.  Whew! After completing this WOD, I burned 550 calories and was wiped!

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