WOD 4/23 – Gwen

Made it to CrossFit in time to actually do the warm-up this time!

photo 1

After the run, we completed 10 push presses and 10 front squats. Then we used the lacrosse balls and foam rollers to loosen up our muscles before the workout. It’s interesting because CrossFit prefers to do this to regular stretching, which I’ve been taught to do prior to a workout for yeaaaaars. I do love the lacrosse balls!

photo 2

After we were warmed up, we went moved into the Skill/Strength section. We went over in extreme detail of the movements for the day’s WOD, Clean and Jerk. To get a good idea of the movement, you can check out this video.

Josh broke down the movement into 4 different movements. We walked through and practiced each movement with a weightless bar. Once everyone had a chance to work through each movement, we put it all together for a few reps to determine which weight we wanted to start off with. I decided to start with 15#.

photo 3

Afterwards, we moved into the day’s WOD which was a series of Clean and Jerks 15, 12 and 9. Our goal was to do each set without stopping. We could rest the bar in the air or on our hips, but not on the ground. In between each series, we could break for as long as we needed (within reason, of course).

photo 4

I did the first round of 15s with 45#, and added a 5# weight on either side. I complete rounds 12 and 9 with 55#. Adding the 10# did make it a bit more difficult! After I finished, I saw 2.5# weight that I could have used. Next time! Next time!

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