WOD 4/18 – Well Rounded Angie

Thursday I set out for my second class at CrossFit 904. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect since my first class on Monday was an Open class with a partner WOD setup.

Driving up the street, I recognized a few people from the class running down the street. I know that wasn’t part of the WOD because I’d looked up what the day’s workout was going to be on their blog before heading to class. (Honestly, I was scared excited to see what torture challenge was ahead of me so I’d actually looked it up the night before) .

photo 3 (2)

When I checked, I was excited to see I would be tackling my first “girl workout” The “girl workouts” are all named a different girl names (Angie, Barbara, Chelsea, Cindy etc). These are mixed into the WODS throughout the year as sort of a ‘skills test’ because it’s the same workout every time. It’s easy to keep track of what you did and compare it to the time a few months prior. Now there are probably a few misconceptions to what this is. A “girl workout” does not have the same connotation as “you throw like a girl”. In fact, girl workouts typically involve a bit more pain, sweat, hard work and post-workout cursing. In fact, these are so ‘monumental’, there’s a huge board hanging on the wall to record the best times of the group. (I need to get a non-blurry picture!)

photo 3

I was actually running late because my boss decided he wanted to chat with me right before I was about to leave. (How does that ALWAYS happen when I have somewhere to be??) Thankfully traffic was in my favor and I’d made it just a few minutes late. When I showed up, there were significantly less cars parked in the parking lot compared to Monday. (I’m pretty sure I grabbed the last parking spot for Monday’s class). When I got inside, I saw we had a class of about 10 or so people. A good group size, I’d say.

I chatted with Josh, the owner/trainer, who said the run was part of the warm up. Since I was running late, I could either do a short run which he described as “to the stop sign and back”, or he explained that the best warm-up for today’s WOD was actually burpees. He gave me the option of cranking out 10 of those instead. I ended up choosing to do 10 burpees, which I was surprised were fairly easy.  If you’re unfamiliar with what a burpee is, you can view this video on YouTube. Even if you aren’t familiar, click over and read the comments. They’re hilarious.

photo 4

In case I haven’t explained it clearly, each class is made up of 4 sections: Warm up, Sill/Strength, WOD, Stretch. So far we’d completed the Warm Up, , so the next step was Skill/Strength. Here you practice an exercise. Sometimes it’s whatever’s in that day’s WOD, sometimes you practice a different workout. It’s all to ensure you’re doing the moves correctly, so you avoid injury.

There were three people in the class that were new-ish, so we split the group into two groups for the Skill/Strength session. There were several instructors in that day’s class, so one instructor hung out with us and make sure we knew how to do each of the day’s WOD’s movements.

photo 5

Today’s WOD was pull-ups, pushups, sit-ups and squats. We took turns doing a few of them in front of the instructor. For the pull ups, I was really hesitant, because I know I can’t do an unassisted pull up. I assumed I would be using the rings instead of a pull up, but nope. I was wrong. They had me using bands. In fact, I used a few bands. If was great to be able to do a pull up similar to how everyone else was doing it.

I knew I could do pushups, but apparently at CrossFit, they do ‘em differently. I usually put my arms out perpendicular, but here I actually needed them close to my sides. I worked on that for a bit. I was good to go for the Sit-ups and squats.

photo 2

After that, it was time to get started with the WOD. There were several options for today’s wod. If you wanted to RX (which means do the prescribed workout/weight), you were actually to do the above workout one time, 100 of each, so 100 pull ups, 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats. If you did it good enough, you would get your name up on the board.

If you weren’t up to that challenge, you could do the four rounds of 25 of each workout. I decided to go that route since it was only my second class. Plus, I wanted to give myself the chance to improve on my time next time. (hahahaha totally kidding here!) If you aren’t sure if you can do 25 of each, you could do the L2 or L1 workouts which are 20 or 15 of each. I decided to start with 25 of each, and if I needed to back down at any point, I could drop down to 20 or 15.

They started the clock, and we got started. I did the workout in order starting with the pull ups, then moving onto pushups, situps and squats. The first round went well. The second round I was a bit more tired, but still kickin’. The third round was a bit more challenging. I could definitely feel myself working hard. On this round, I decided to drop down to the 20s on the Pullups and Pushups. Those two workouts were the hardest for me. I didn’t want to strain myself or get injured at all.

After the fourth round, I was glad to see I didn’t finish last. In fact, there were a few people after me. I liked how the workout was scaled because the more experienced people decided to attempt to RX the workout. As a result, they were still crankin’ away at their 100s. I’m used to being the last person working out at times, so seriously, this was nice.

I was beat, but I stuck around the area to cheer on the few people still cranking away at their 100s.

photo 1

Finally I finished at 23:13. Can’t wait to try this one again in a few months!

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