WOD 4/15 – CrossFit 904

I can finally say I survived my first CrossFit class!

A few months back, I found out about CrossFit 904 and have been secretly stalking them ever since. I occasionally pull up their Facebook page, but just never had the guts to actually sign up for the info session. I’ve been perfectly happy with Timed Exercise for the past year and a half. I do admit though, I started Timed Exercise with grandeur ideas that it would be a stepping stone for me to start CrossFit.

So, last week, I randomly pulled up the CrossFit 904 Facebook page to see that Monday, April 15 they were offering a free ‘Bring a Friend” WOD. (Work Out of the Day). One problem, I didn’t know anyone at the box that I could tag along with. (Box = gym). I commented on the post saying that I needed to make friends with someone there so I can join. Almost immediately, they replied saying I could join, and they would find me a friend. Well, that’s that. I was signed up for my first class!

photo 1

I headed there on Monday, not sure exactly what to expect. I had peeked at the website and saw the day’s WOD would be:

Buddy WOD
2 Rounds of:
2 Mins Walking Lunges, Competitors add a weight overhead  [video example]
2 Mins Partner Medball Situps [video example]
2 Mins Burpees, Competitors complete over the partner burpees [video example]
2 Mins Kettlebell Swings, Competitors box jumps or kbs depending on weakness [video example]
1 Min Rest

Well, that all seemed like stuff I could do and have done in the past, so that was a relief!

photo 2

We got things started. Everyone divided into two groups. The group of members, called Competitors, went off to the side and did some skills practice. For that, they worked on a specific move at a low or no weight (looked like maybe they were doing pull ups or something), to ensure they were perfecting their form before they add high reps or weight.

The other group was all us newbies. We gathered around. Josh, the owner & trainer, explained we were going to work through 4 different sets of exercises: Walking Lunges, Medball Situps, Burpees, and Kettlebell Swings.

We started with the medball situps. We each found a partner, said down, faced each other, and lined our feet up. The we did a few sit ups with an obscenely oversized medicine ball. (They don’t make them like that at the typical ol’ gym).

photo 3

Next we moved onto lunges. Josh showed everyone the proper form and explained stepping so your knee doesn’t go past your toes. Everyone gave it a shot with a few. He offered corrections without hesitation wherever necessary. It was at this time I let down my guard a bit and started looking around at the group. We had all sorts of people at all sorts of fitness and skill levels of all ages in our small little group. I was really surprised. I had expected everyone to be mid 20’s to 30’s and extremely fit… this wasn’t the case… and it was great.

Once everyone “mastered” the lunges, we moved onto kettlebell swings. Now these puppies are one of my favorites. I had these down. Everyone found their ideal weight and took a few swings for Josh to watch and correct as necessary.

photo 4

Lastly, we moved onto the flop on the ground like a walrus burpees. Josh showed us the proper technique. I always find it interesting that so many people do burpees differently. I used to think they involved a pushup in the plan position, but it’s different at different places, so it’s always good to watch and pay attention. These were NOT the pushup kind (yay).

Once everyone had a chance to practice each exercise, Josh gathered the whole group together of newbies and Competitiors. We were then paired off again to officially give it a go at the full WOD.

For the most part, people partnered with their friends that had invited them that day. Since I was a newbie and friendless, I got paired with one of the Competitiors, Amanda, who just so happened to be celebrating a birthday that day so that was added fun!

photo 5

Everyone split up into four groups with their partner to determine who would start on which exercise of the circut first. We decided to start with kettlebell swings. That meant our order for the workout would be kettlebell swings, lunges, medball situps, and burpees. We had two minutes to do each exercise. Ideally  one partner would do a minute, then the other partner would finish up the second minute. Our group decided to do it a little different. One partner did 10 of whatever exercise we were on, then would rest while the other partner did 10 then the first partner did 10 and so on until the two minutes was up. This worked great to help break things up and make the full minute workout time doable.

photo 1 (2)

We completed the first round. I was thrilled to see how strong I felt. When we finished the first round, Amanda asked me what number I was on. Uhhh, I was supposed to do all that work and keep count?  I rambled some numbers off of what I thought I had done.. she took the reins in adding it all up for me. I could NOT focus and count at that point. Then… we started the second round. This round was a bit tougher but not bad. The burpees at the end slowed me down a bit, but I still stayed strong.

photo 2 (2)

At the end, we proudly wrote our finished count on the board. I was glad to see I wasn’t that far behind the “pro” Amanda. (Let’s not think about the fact this was possibly her second class of the day mmmkay?)

And with that… I’ve drank the Kool-Aid. I’ve officially cancelled my Timed Exercise membership and am about to sign up for CrossFit! Onto the next adventure!

(Guess that means I need to start a new tab under my “Calories Out!” section above!)

Have you ever wanted to try CrossFit? If so, comment below or email me, and I can let you know the next time we have an open “bring a friend” night! 


 Do you have any questions about CrossFit? Comment below or email me your question, and I’ll do my best to answer them (or find the answer out for you)! 


**While I was invited to attend for free, the invite was open to everyone. I haven’t actually drank any Kool-Aid. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by CrossFit or CrossFit 904** 

9 thoughts on “WOD 4/15 – CrossFit 904

    1. Thanks, Lynda! Knowing you’re watching will definitely keep me working extra hard. If we have another open gym day, I’ll definitely let you know so you can check it out first hand!

  1. Wow! Loved your recap. I have not tried cross fit but we don’t have a box anywhere around d here. Sounds like it was a lot of fun and challenging. I wouldn’t be able to keep count either. Not the first time!

    Happy SITS Share fest!

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