Once A Week Meals: Chocolate Chili Tacos, Creamy Garlic Shells, and Cheesy Shepherds Pie

(This meal is from the week of March 18)

Knowing we were going to be out of town the upcoming weekend, I put a little more effort and planning into my weekly meals and actually came up with three meals for the next week and a half. Plus someone (eh hem, Adam) was getting a wee bit bored with just one option to eat the entire week. Do you blame him?

I also want to incorporate more vegetables into our meals, so I made two sides as well. Yeah, I was an overachiever for once. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a good nights rest. I know when we get back next weekend, I’ll be grateful I don’t have to cook, and that’ll make it all worth it.


Chocolate Chili Tacos

I saw these posted on Meals and Miles, and then realized it pointed to the blog Running to the kitchen. The looked like a tasty spin on regular ol’ tacos so I thought I’d try them. Regular tacos are a really easy meal to make in bulk and save (at least the meat is). Mine actually ended up as burritos instead of just tacos because the taco shells were so huge. I put some plain chobani, shredded cheddar cheese, salsa (from the produce section.. so good), and avocado inside each one.



Creamy Garlic Shells

I saw this on the blog Iowa Girl Eats. I don’t typically make pasta anything at home, but this recipe just called to me. I thought it might be a nice side dish with chicken sometime during the week. I also made her kale to add some veggies to the week which I think could also be paired with the Chocolate Chili Tacos above. The pasta was evilly delicious when it was fresh, but wasn’t something I would make in bulk. The oils separated and it just wasn’t as good later.  Definitely would be a good side dish to bring to a potluck (the same day) though. The kale turned out well too.



photo 3

Cheesy Shepherds Pie

I’d been wanting to try and make a Shepherds Pie recipe but hadn’t really found anything that really called out to me. This creation really just came to me.

I peeled, cut, and boiled some regular baking potatoes.

While those were boiling, I sauteed a package of ground beef with a tablespoon of Worcester sauce.

We had some extra carrots from the Coconut Curry Dish, so while the ground beef was cooking, we peeled and diced the carrots and sauteed them with olive oil to soften them a bit then mixed them in with the ground beef.

When the ground beef/carrots were done, I layered the mixture in the bottom of a casserole dish.

On top of the ground beef mixture, I layered a package of frozen peas.

Then I blended the potatoes with some Kerrygold butter and half a can of Coconut Milk and layered that on top of the peas.

I sprinkled some shredded cheese on top. (ok I was a bit generous here…)

Baked the dish 400′ for 25 minutes. *Whalah*  This was SOOOO surprisingly good and simple.

We will definitely make it again.



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If you have a suggestion for something I should try, please email me! 

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