Once A Week Meals: Publix Aprons Pork Verde

(This meal is from the week of March 10)


Publix Aprons Pork Verde

You can view the original recipe online at the Publix Aprons website.

This was Adam’s selection for the week (since this was an even week).

Since it involved jalapeno’s, I was really hesitant that it would be too spicy. Boy was I wrong. This was more of a sweet taste than anything spicy.

It was also fun because we got to work with Tomatillo’s which are totally new to both of us. Neither one of us had ever used them before, though I had noticed the ‘green papery tomatoes’ at the store. I also was missing the garlic, because when I pulled my fresh peeled garlic out of the fridge, it was already molding. Booo! I also substituted Olive Oil for the Canola Oil because I think Canola oil is evil. I also used white rice instead of brown because that’s what I already had on hand.

Regardless, the dish turned out great.

We made this in advance, then made a batch of white rice to last a few days.


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