Once A Week Meals: Breakfast Scramble

Feel free to check out my other Once A Week Cooking attempts on the page I’ve setup. 





Breakfast Scramble (aka. How it all began…)

The first thing I really started making in bulk was a breakfast scramble. When starting something “new”, I try to start with one small thing, get that under control, then slowly add more. Doing this, I seem better able to accept changes and adopt them into my lifestyle more easily.

Initially every morning I would cook up three scrambled eggs, a bit of sausage and some diced peppers every day. Knowing I can make a breakfast bake which lasts a few days, I figured I would try to make the breakfast scramble a few days in advance. Success!

As you can see from the picture above, I make enough for Adam and I to eat for a week (around 3 eggs/day/person), plus a tube of breakfast sausage and a publix container of fresh diced peppers.  FYI, READ THE INGREDIENTS ON THAT SAUSAGE. I’ve frustratingly found many brands contain MSG. We are a low sodium household, so we definitely keep an eye out for that.

Once all cooked, I portion it out into plastic containers for an easy grab-and-go breakfast meal.

Check out my other Once A Week Cooking attempts on the page I’ve setup. 

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