Say what? Inspiring Blog Award

Know what gets me jazzed? When something catches me by surprise! I often see various blog awards on the interwebs (I still can’t figure out if that word is annoying or not), and I swear I am never mentioned. It’ll even be one of those random posts where you just tell some facts about yourself and then tag 5 other bloggers at the bottom. I’m never tagged..



Yup! I’ve been nominated for an Inspiring Blog Award! How cool! Someone finally picked ME!

The Inspiring Blog Award is simple.  I just need to share seven facts about me and ten bloggers that inspire me.

Seven Facts About Me:

  1. I once hated running. Absolutely thought it was ridiculous that people would run. Yup. Boy times have changed!! Now I think walking is soooo booooring. Wait, I always thought walking was boring.
  2. I love cheese especially queso. CHEESE!!!
  3. I secretly want to try Crossfit, but I’m terrified of failure.
  4. I have a torn PCL in my left knee. This enables my knee to hyper-extending backwards too far. This is from a high-school soccer injury that happened my Junior year. How did it happen? I was on a breakaway during the game one-on-one with the goalie. Instead of going to stop the ball like a normal human goalie would do, she just tackled me. The first thing our assistant coach said to me when I got hurt was I should have jumped over the goalie. Uh, dude? What? Yeah, then I could have broke my back. Brilliant advice.  I also have a torn meniscus in my left knee from playing coed soccer with Jax Sport. (An awesome league to play adults sports through, FYI.) How did it happen? Someone passed me the soccer ball, I trapped it, moved to dribble forward, my knee gave out on me and I face planted. I tried this two more times with the same result. Sadly, I’ve now officially “retired” from soccer, though I miss playing every. single. Sunday. I used to play up to 4 games every Sunday in the local coed league.
  5. I was offered an academic scholarship (?) to play soccer at Ohio State. My dad was devastated when I turned it down (so was his wallet). Academic scholarship? I decided to play at Purdue instead which was only club soccer (no $$, just pride!). I hyper-extended my knee in one of the games, got frustrated, quit, discovered mashed potatoes in the dorm cafeteria, and gained the freshman 30. That summer, the club team was upgraded to Division I. Many of the club players didn’t make the team (rumors were failed drug tests…). Essentially, I would have had a scholarship. Silly, silly, silly me.
  6. I’m originally from Chicago, and went to Purdue. I couldn’t find a solid job when I graduated but absolutely did not want to move home. A year after graduation, my boyfriend (at the time) and I moved from Indianapolis, IN to Jacksonville, FL in search of a better job market. A year after that, I finally found employment. It’s been a wild ride, I’ll tell ya. I do not wish a year of unemployment upon anyone. It’s amazing what it will mentally do for you to have approximately 38 job interviews only to be turned down again and again.
  7. I often get teased for texting, tweeting and instagramming during races. I’ll be honest, I’ve been doing it since the 26.2 with Donna Relay race I participated in. I had a nifty flip phone back then (A “rotary dial” as some tease) but it was perfect because it had a little nubbin on the center 5 key. I could run, text, and tweet without ever looking at the screen. It took a little getting used to doing it with my iPhone, but now I’m able to. It’s actually a really helpful distraction during a race.

So that’s 7 random facts about me.

Now here are 10 bloggers who regularly inspire me on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

  1. Carrots n Cake
  2. Runs for Cookies
  3. Hit the Road Jane
  4. The Singing Runner 
  5. Travel, Run, Eat 
  6. This Ginger Has Sole  
  7. Ben Does Life 
  8. Swmslo 
  9. Florida Girl in the Mountains 
  10. The Food Bitch Blog
  11. Everyone on Daily Mile (yeah, this isn’t a blog, but they do motivate me…)

I would have also included Idiot Runner Girl, but since she was the one who nominated me, I thought I should select 10 other individuals.

Thanks for nominating me!


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