Color in Motion 5k

One of my favorite places to run is the Nocatee Greenway Trails. When Color in Motion contacted me to see if I’d like a free race entry, I jumped at the chance knowing it was going to be at Nocatee.


Adam, Roxie, and I met up at the start and took a group ‘clean’ photo…


…and a silly clean photo.



In typical ‘color race’ fashion, people had already begun warming up, throwing the color packets at each other that has been provided in the race packet.


Eventually everyone lined up… and waited..


and waited…


At one point, I heard the guy on the megaphone mention something about everyone starting in waves. Waves? I don’t recall hearing anything about wave starts before. Everyone was told the race would start at 9. I immediately got Adam and Roxie to follow me as we pushed our way to the front of the pack so we would get into the first wave.


Ahh that’s a little better. More people behind us than in front of us.


We managed to get significantly closer to the starting line and were released in the first wave. We had started out behind the Publix and ran towards the trails.


Once we were off, I began to see some really interesting costumes like white wings.


And a wedding dress?


This really puts a new spin on “trash the dress”!


By this point, we made it to the start of the trails near the Nocatee Splash Waterpark.


I could see the first color section ahead and knew it was a blue one!


Yup, definitely blue!


Once everyone was successfully ‘smurfed’, we continued on through the trails.


As we exited the trails, we saw our next color station, which was red and yellow.



It almost looked like this station was on fire with the way the red and yellow blended together into a fiery orange.


The road was reddish for quite a ways after that color station. We found ourselves sharing the road with local traffic, but the great thing is, there really isn’t that much traffic in that area there this early in the day and they had it well coned off.


Our third color station was upon us..


Bright green to start, red to finish.


I would say I was sufficiently colored as I crossed the finish line!

The Color in Motion 5k was a fun and successful race. I surprisingly loved the simple 5k course they setup.  I really hope Nocatee holds more races in the future!

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