Jacksonville Bank Half Marathon 2012

So the third and final half marathon of the Tri2B Tough Challenge is officially in the books. Every fall, 1st Place Sports holds three half marathons. You can run them individually as you wish, or you can sign up for the Tri 2B Tough Challenge. If you complete the challenge, you get an extra medal and a lot of pride.

The first race in early October is the Marine Corps Half Marathon, the second is the Subaru Distance Classic Half Marathon on Thanksgiving, and the third is the Jacksonville Bank Half Marathon in mid December.

Here’s links to my previous race recaps of the series:

Just like all races, we lined up at the starting line before the sun even got out of bed.







I was unexpected to see how many people were dressed up in fun costumes!



Even fun shoes that looked like presents.




One benefit of running this race is that it’s also a full Marathon. They have several pacers in the race to help keep groups of people on track. These pacers just run the race at at their assigned time whether it’s a 4 hour marathon, 5 hour marathon, 5.5 hour marathon. If I know I want to run the race in say, 3 hours, I know to line up for the start of the race with the 6 hour balloon!



I started out with Judy who I ran the Subaru Half Marathon with and Roxie.


Roxie took off (that girl is fast!) at the start of the race and Judy and I stuck together almost the entire race. Around mile 2 or so (I think?), we came across my two favorite runners in Jacksonville, Tom and Becky White! So much fun to see them.



And of course Santa go into the running spirit too! Running in those boots is not cool though! I imagine he had a lot of blisters in the end. lol



Around mile 10, I was really hurting and just had to slow down. Judy was on fire, so I told her to go on ahead which she did. Regardless I pressed on. I really wanted to complete the trifecta. I was having a lot of issues running though. I have to admit, I was in a LOT of pain at the end of the race. It was stupid pain. One should not be in that much pain after running. I put on a fake smile and trotted around the track. I even heard them call my name out on the intercom. I heard Adam cheering for me. Once I crossed the finish line, I slunk over to the soccer field in the middle of the track and sat down. Pretty sure some tears were shed. In fact, I KNOW some tears were shed. This was the easy part. The next part was horrible. After sitting and pouting on the grass for about 10 minutes, I had to make my way to my car. Yeah, not pretty. I stopped several times along the way. My back was hurting me. My legs were seizing up. I literally could barely walk to my car, I was in so much pain. THIS has never, ever happened before. Hello, poor training!

I essentially hadn’t run since the Subaru Half, which had finished on a fairly positive note. Unfortunately, I had some minor surgery about a week after Subaru which made it nearly impossible to wear a sports bra. (No, I did not have a breast enhancement, silly!) I had stitches on my side that were right where the sports bra would typically go. Boy, oh boy, did that hurt! So I wasn’t able to do anything. The day of the race I pushed through the annoying pain to finish.

I did slightly injure my leg in the process. It took me until a month later at the Ragnar Relay to realize I was having IT Band Issues. At Ragnar, I rolled the bejeezus out of my hip, which really helped. Magically about a week after Ragnar, everything loosened up, and I was fine. At least now I know what that was all about and how to prevent it in the future.



After two unsuccessful attempts, I am thrilled to say these bad boys are officially mine. I FINALLY completed the Tri 2 B Tough. Now I can relax and enjoy Fall 2014 running new and different races… Purdue Half Marathon, maybe??

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment!

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