The Happy Grilled Cheese

Now I know this post is slightly skewed. I mean, typically when I face plant a grilled cheese, it’s on a late Friday/early Saturday morning after a successful night out with friends at the bars. Let me tell you, ever grilled cheese I make at this time is absolutely ah-maze-ing. So, when I visited The Happy Grilled Cheese on my lunch break this past week, I, unfortunately, was work-day sober, but I will do my best to provide accurate feedback of my visit!


I had been waiting for at least a month for this Food Truck to open, so when I heard they were holding their opening day at Nova Southeastern University not even 5 minutes away from my work, I knew exactly where I would be headed for lunch that day!


First things first? I scanned their menu to try and figure out what I wanted to order. Typically I would order the ‘classic’ of whatever they server to try a new place for the first time, which in this case would be the Happy Melt. I just felt like I wanted a little something more, so I had my taste buds set on the All American Melt with American Cheese, Bacon & Tomato and the Homemade Chips topped with Beer Cheese.

I do want to reiterate that I was there OPENING DAY. Any restaurant typically stumbles a little so keep any negative comments I may mention as constructive feedback. SPOILER ALERT: I enjoyed my visit.


I was glad to see when I got there, they weren’t out of anything yet. (This can sometimes be an issue with popular food trucks because they just don’t have space to carry enough of everything and often sell out of their most popular items well before quittin’ time)


It was nice that they setup some folding tables and chairs, although when it was my turn, they were all claimed. (FYI, if you’re entire party hasn’t arrived yet, let other people sit down. don’t save the whole table. By the time they got their food, I was done eating mine. Rant over.)


Everything came out fresh. It was a little difficult carrying the cup of beer cheese in one hand with the sandwich in the other because the beer cheese was a little messy. (When is it not?)


Ahh, that’s better. They should really push the chips on top of each other and stash the cup of beer cheese in the basket with the sandwich and chips!


The chips had a good crunch to them. The beer cheese was definitely a good pairing. I personally wasn’t a huge fan of the chips. To me, they tasted overcooked and burnt BUUUUT I think it’s also me. I think these type of chips are SUPPOSED to taste this way kinda like 5 Guys french fries tasted (which I also do not like).


The grilled cheese? Oh yeah. This was good stuff. It was cheesy, bacony goodness. It was a bit more bready than I would typically go for, but overall, it was good.  One thing I loved? The tomatoes were sliced so incredibly thin. Typically on cheesy sandwiches like this, they slide all over because the tomatoes are too thick and watery. These tomatoes did not take center stage on this sandwich.

The next sandwich I think I’ll try would be Porky The Melt with American, Cheddar, Bacon, Ham, Pulled Pork, Caramelized Onions, and Tomato.

Are you a fan of grilled cheese sandwiches? What on their menu would you want to try?

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5 thoughts on “The Happy Grilled Cheese

  1. Drooling over here. It’s also almost lunch time so that could be it too….nah. That grilled cheese looks good and I would have totally dipped it into the beer cheese! Damn I need to visit a food truck one of these days.

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