Popsugar Must Have Box: December 2012

My December Popsugar box arrived right before Christmas! I was excited to open it (as I usually am). It was the perfect pre-Christmas gift for myself. Everyone needs a pre-Christmas gift for themselves, right??

Here are the previous boxes I’ve received:




  1. Must Have Food
    Bogdon’s Peppermint Poles
    I’m not a huge fan of peppermint, but these had chocolate on them so I gave them a shot.
  2. Must Have Food:
    Tea Forte
    Coffee > Tea in my world, so I’m not a big tea drinker. I haven’t actually tried these yet. I never know what to put in my tea? They do look like nice quality though.WP_20121216_004
  3. Must Have Beauty:
    Jaboneria Marianella Soaps
    These smell wonderful!
  4. Must Have Tech:
    eh. I wasn’t too impressed with this.  It’s essentially a screen wipe with anti bacterial built in. Since I have the Lifeproof case on my phone, I just use a Lysol wipe which just seems more effective (though clinically unproven) to me.
  5. Must Have Home:
    Bodum Bistro Mugs
    I feel like I am being suffocated by all the coffee mugs, cups, and glasses I have in my cabinets…but maybe these will slowly replace some of the coffee mugs that just aren’t aesthetically pleasing and that I have no emotional ties to. I liked the size – enough for a regular cup of coffee without feeling like I was carrying a half gallon of coffee around. I can’t say whether the double wall kept my coffee warmer or not, but it didn’t notice it getting cool super quick.
  6. Must Have Fashion
    $30 to Rent the Runway
    For $30, I could get some jewelry, but not a full dress or anything. I was quite surprised that renting a dress was $100+. I mean, they are quality dresses which are significantly higher in price than that, but I was still surprised.
  7. Must Have Fashion
    Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit
    They really thought of everything when they made this.
    In fact a few weekends ago on a Girls Bachelorette weekend in Savannah, we dumped this out on the bed in a search to find bobby pins.
    (No such luck, but they literally have everything else possible in here!)

If you’re interested in signing up, you can here: http://popsu.gr/rDi

(That’s an affiliate link, so please click through if you plan on signing up so I get credit for any referrals!)

You can also use the code REFER5 when signing up, and get $5 off your order!

Have you participated in any of the monthly subscription services like Birchbox, wine-of-the-month, Omaha steaks etc?

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