Meet Koi

After my previous cat, Tiki, passed away in September, I knew I wanted another cat in the house… some day. With time, I found myself looking forward to some of the joys of having a kitten in the house.

One day at lunch, I stopped by the Jacksonville Humane Society located near Beach and Southside Blvd. I was really just checking it out and getting my bearings. I wasn’t ready to adopt at that time.


After that initial visit, I found myself checking out their website and seeing which kittens and cats were available for adoption. They post pictures of almost all their animals on there.

On Sunday, I headed back based on a good feeling about a kitten I’d seen on the website. While I didn’t end up adopting that kitten, I did end up adopting a kitten from the same litter.


Introducing the newest member of our family…Koi! (pronounced with a hard K like “coy”) To me, her bold blotchy colorings made me think of a koi fish, so that’s where the name comes from.


The litter had been dropped off just the Friday before, so I had to wait for her to get spayed. I was actually pretty impressed with everything that was included. Microchips, spay surgery, de-working, Feline Leukemia Test, and several vaccinations.


Her spay surgery was scheduled for Monday, and I was able to head back Tuesday to pick her up! The whole adoption process took maybe 30 minutes. From there, we headed straight to Petsmart. I needed to get a litterbox, litter, & kitten food. I didn’t need to get a collar because the shelter made me purchase one of theirs before I’d left. (I could have brought my own and just used that, but I didn’t know.)


Once we arrived home, it was acclimation time. She spent most of the night huddled in the front hall afraid of the dog, shadows, lights, toys, and air.


I setup the guest room upstairs with her stuff. Once it was ready, I carried her upstairs. This room became her ‘home base’. I highly recommend creating a home base for your new kitty when you bring her home even if you don’t have any kids or pets.

I carried her over and set her in her litter box. She scratched a little, but no luck. When she stepped out, I picked her up and showed her the food and water bowls. She sniffed but was easily distracted. Then Vegas came to close and she darted under the bed. She got comfortable under there.

When we started getting ready for bed, she slunk her way into our room and relocated under our bed. There she stayed until 3:30 am. Then she went from under the bed to on top of the bed. We were making progress. Now to make her and Vegas the besties they’re destined to become!


That morning when I got up, I carried Koi back to her room and showed her food bowls to her and her litter box. She crawled into her litter box, scratched around and took a squat. CHECK!

Then she made her way back to her bowl, and slowly started munching. CHECK!

Since she and Vegas had progressed from hissing to sniffing, but not cuddling, I decided to lock her up for the day in her safe zone while I was at work. She didn’t seem to mind. When we came home that night, she was lounging on the middle of the bed.

She also takes ‘home base’ to heart. Even if we’re downstairs, she really only comes down there for a few minutes before we hear her sprint back up the stairs. Maybe in a day or two she’ll become a bit more adventurous. In the meantime, I can’t say I mind. At least this way we don’t have to worry so much about her darting out the front or back doors!

Do you have any pet? Dog? Cat? Do you remember the first day you brought them home?

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment!

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