Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Back in November 2011, I decided to try and grow my hair out long enough to donate. It was pretty long then as it was, so I didn’t think I had that much farther to go. Boy was I wrong! I kept measuring my hair again and again and it was never long enough.

If you donate to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program, it needs to be a minimum of 8” long. Unfortunately, that would have meant I would be getting a boy cut. Uh..  not ok.

After a year and three months, I was getting really sick of my long hair.

True, occasionally it would turn out decent.

309587_4894838444434_857670051_n 375001_10150911645699027_1741170986_n

But 99% of the time, I really wore it like this…

524412_4029958159857_1253692848_n 384025_2570042765995_1884936768_n 559836_214662155305007_2068324023_n

I was desperate to get rid of it. Finally it dawned on me.

I used to wear my hair longer in the front and short in the back in a “swing cut”.

I could donate just the hair in the back, enabling me to keep the hair in the front longer. That should work.

I made an appointment with Jennifer at Salon 210, and soon after I arrived, the cuttin’ started. There’s a full tutorial “How to make the cut” on the Pantene Beautiful Lengths website.


First, she portioned the parts she knew she would be cutting short into little bands. She did small portions instead of one large one so she could cut it closer.


Snippity, Snippity!


I think she may have had a little bit of fun doing it too.


And whalah! The donation was ready. (That’s a quart size, not a sandwich size, bag, so it doesn’t quite look proportionate.)

Now all that’s left is to pop the bag o’ hair in the mail…


…and get used to this. Yeah. It’s going to be a big change.




I think she did a great job handling both the hair donation and cutting/styling it how I liked. Salon 210 doesn’t typically do hair donations (when I asked her, she said it’d been several years), so regardless of what you need, I recommend checking her out. I’ve been seeing Jennifer 10 years now!

I wasn’t compensated for this post. The thoughts and opinions expressed are all my own and I’m so glad to be rid of all that hair!

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment!

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