52 in 2013: Pioneer Woman Style (3 of 52)

I’m always late to the trend when it comes to food. Probably because I’m always buried deep in a bowl of queso. I’ve recently become fascinated with The Pioneer Woman. She seems to easily describe dishes that I once thought might be impossible. Plus, who can’t admire a blogger turned TV star?

I decided to try and attempt to create some of her recipes over the next year a la “Julie and Julia” style…only I can’t pull off a recipe every day like she did.  I’m going to stick to 52 in a year. That’s only one per week which is still pretty ambitious. Maybe I should change it to 26? Well, regardless, we’ll see what I get to. Maybe I”ll only complete 4.


Meal #1 – Macaroni & Cheese


The recipe can be found here:

I made this in a pinch for a holiday gathering (so yes, technically this is from 2012). It turned out great. I forgot to take a picture of it, so I borrowed her picture. You’ll have to take my word that the final product looked exactly like hers did above. It also helped clean out a ton of pasta from my pantry that had just been sitting there. It was incredibly easy to make, and I would make it again for another gathering.


Meal #2 – Tuscan Bean Soup with Shrimp

photo (2)


The recipe can be found here:

I got a hankering for some soup the other day. I actually bought all the ingredients and then they sat in the fridge.. and sat.. and sat. Finally I got off my butt and put them all together. This was another really easy recipe. We used some easy-peel frozen Seabest shrimp with this recipe which made it really fast. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, and it still managed to turn out ok. I was out of garlic (it was spoiled) and didn’t have any fresh basil. Regardless, it was tasty and very filling. We enjoyed this for 4 meals in our house. That’s 8 servings! We did make the shrimp portion twice since we’d run out. This is definitely a recipe you could freeze in portions, make shrimp while it thaws and easily add it. Another one we’ll definitely be making again.

Meal #3 – Leftover Turkey Pot Pie

photo (3)

The recipe can be found here:

Needed something for all those holiday leftovers so I made this. It turned out really great so I decided to make it again only.. I didn’t have any leftovers. Instead, I baked two chicken breasts, cut them into chunks, and used that for the recipe. I made this on Sunday so that we’d have it for leftovers throughout the week. It’s nice to know I won’t have to worry about cooking during the week!

Meal #4 – Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork


Ooops. This pic is pre-shred. I was looking for a reason to use my cast iron skillet AND the pork in the freezer. When I came across this recipe, I knew it’d be perfect! The hardest part about this recipe? Finding the “Chipotle Peppers In Adobo Sauce”! I walked up and down the ethnic aisle at the grocery store without luck. Finally my 243 time through, the can practically tripped me. It’s weird how I couldn’t find it, and then suddenly there it was right in front of my face. Regardess, this was super easy and turned out great. Adam ate it solo a few times and enjoyed it. I took it a step further mashing up an avocado, warming up some corn tortillas, and shredding cheddar cheese all to make tacos! Yum! Avocado goes GREAT with these flavors. I’d definitely make this dish again.




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