With the Greatest of Ease…

So almost a year ago, my friends and I bought a 90-minute package to Trapeze High Florida in Middleburg via LivingSocial. I’m not sure we really ever thought we would ever use it.


But finally, on the second to the last day of the year, we finally all managed to get together and show up at the place. I’m still not sure we were expecting to get on the trapeze even though we were there.

The place is literally just an empty lot off the side of the road. There’s really NO curb appeal at all. It’s a lot, a porta potty, a storage  unit, and the trapeze setup. Not really a comforting site to see if you’re already nervous about the situation.


After the looooong car ride (just 30 min), I was relieved to see they had a porto potty on the property.

Biggest hurdle to overcome?


The loooooooong ladder. It REALLY shook. I’m told it’s bolted down, but that was still a bit freaky. You wear a harness around your waist. It’s really tight (which is a GOOD thing). When you go up the ladder, you attach to a ‘seat belt type thing’ in case you slip, you won’t go anywhere. I was familiar with this from when we zip lined at the Tallahassee Museum, so that was a little comforting.


I made my way up to the ladder. When you get up to the top, they make you hold on the white poll (you can see me holding onto it above).


When it’s your turn, you stand with your toes hanging over the edge. They snap on the trapeze wires to each side of your harness. Your left hand holds onto the white bar. Your right hand reaches out and attempts to grab the trapeze bar all while a girl behind you is pulling back on your harness so you don’t topple over.


Once you manage to catch the trapeze with your right hand, you’re told to LET GO of the white bar you’ve been desperately white knuckling with your left hand and grab onto the trapeze bar with both hands, bend your knees, and jump…


oh and hold on tight. so graceful.


They call this “the banana.” Can you see why? You hold on and swing back and forward, then they yell ‘hut’ or something like that, you’re supposed to let go and fall on your back. If you don’t let go, you continue to swing back and forth. Then he’ll essentially suspend you mid air and tell you to ‘flap your arms’ to get down. Seriously. He will start picking on you. A little weird, but overall it was good.

Letting go of the bar, you experience the freakiest 0.0000021 seconds of your life. You’ve let go of the bar, start to fall.. and fall.. and fall…and start wondering.. um.. where’s the net???  right after, you hit the net.


Once you land on the net, you’re expected to stand up and waddle over to the guy. You grab two pieces of rope and he helps you flip off the net and land onto the ground.


After you master “The Banana”, you’re brought over to a side trapeze bar to practice. Here you’re taught how to hold onto the bar, swing back and forth, flip your feet through your hands and hang from the trapeze bar on your knees. Simple, right?


You do test run to show you’ve mastered this skill. This is also when I stopped trapezing and started watching. My hands were killing me. I typically have problems at Timed Exercise with my hands hurting and getting blisters. I need to get some gloves. I’m not sure if they would allow me to trapeze with weight lifting gloves on though.




Yup, just like that.


Anne, me, Lauren, and Tee afterwards took a picture of our accomplishments that day. You can see we’re glad to be alive.

Overall, we had a blast. It definitely challenged some fears, but it was a good time. Definitely something I can check off the list. Would I do it again? After another 6 more months of Timed Exercise, sure! We’d also love to bring our men because we know their monkey toes would LOVE to do this.

Have you trapeze’d before? Did you like it? Hate it?

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