Subaru Distance Classic Half Marathon 2012

They say your biggest hurdle is yourself. Well, after having to drop out of the previous years race due to Achilles Tendonitis at mile 7, my brain was really playing games with me. I’ve ran the 6k in 2008 and 2009  I tried to be as organized as I could. The night before laid out all my gear including my gu, race number, safety pins, running shorts, shirt etc. I also made sure to charge my garmin and my iPod Shuffle (since it had died on me during the Marine Corp Half).

The next day, we got up, headed out to the race and did some warm up runs. Then Adam and I walked to the start line. He went his way (towards the front) and I walked towards the middle.


It was right at this point I realized I was wearing the wrong shoes.


How does this happen?? Then my friend, Judy, appeared out of know where.


I’m pretty sure the first words out of my mouth were “Hey. I’m wearing the wrong shoes.” I’m super friendly, can’t you tell?

She reassured me I would be fine. I mean, what else could she do at this point? We started chatting a bit before the race started and realized we were actually even paced. She was planning on doing an interval plan run 2 minutes, walk 1 minute. So right before the National Anthem was sung, we decided to run this thing together. (or maybe I decided to run it with her, and she didn’t know what to do at this point)


Oh look! It’s the same modern building from the Native Sun 10k!






Yup. A little obsessed. Well, I honestly don’t have that many pictures from this race because Judy and I were so busy chatting it up the whole race, I didn’t even realize we were running. Here’s some things I remember:

  • Jumping for joy when I saw the house I had to miserably stand at for about 10 minutes the previous year while I waited for a ride to drive me to the finish line. Seeing that house, I was so excited and cheered.
  • Around mile 10, things got really tough. Judy said, “Oh, I remember this bend. It’s super easy”. Uh, Judy needs to get checked out because that whole Bend? Yeah, continuous incline.
  • I want to buy her interval thing. I believe it’s the Gymboss SILVER HARDCOAT. You could set the run and the walk times (Ours was 2 min run, 1 min walk) and it would vibrate when it was time to change. This was great because it didn’t:
    • annoy everyone around you and
    • you could still get buzzed even if you had headphones in.

Before I knew it, we were at the last 2 miles of the race. My legs were protesting, they really wanted to stop. Judy kept us moving on. Finally we were at the last .2 miles.. then .1 then SPRINT!



I didn’t PR at this race (finished in 2:50:56), but I am happy to say I completed the half without getting injured. That’s success all on it’s own. PLUS I beat my two most half times from the 2011 and 2012 Marine Corps. I’ll take it!



I may not have run the race that day, but I was a winner! I won a free sandwich at Bagel Love after the race!!

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