2012 Native Sun 10k

A few weeks ago, I ran my third Native Sun 10k.

  • 2011 1 hour 16 minutes, 2 seconds
  • 2009 1 hour 5 minutes, 20 seconds

I knew I most likely had no chance to beat my 2009 race time. I remember running it and being really disappointed I didn’t do it in under an hour. Some day. I will beat that goal!

In 2010, work was too crazy, so I skipped the race.

Last year, I ran the race completely hung-over and didn’t realize at the time I had symptoms of Achilles Tendonitis.

This year, I had my sights set on beating my time from last year at least!

I was also using this race to help me complete the 10 mile long run I had scheduled for that day. This is the first time I’d ever run more on a race day than the race itself + warm-up, so I have to say I felt like an actual runner for once! I knew I would get in 6 miles in the race, so that meant I would still have 4 miles left. I planned to run 2 miles warm-up before the race and an additional 2 miles after the race. I ended up actually doing running 2.5 miles during warm-up, which meant I really only had 1.5 miles after the race.


Before the race started, Adam and I met up with Roxie who decided to sign up for the race last minute.


Yes, I have no clue what was going on w/ the headband/headphones deal before the race. The headphones are the kind that rest behind the back of your head. If I’m not actually listening to music, I typically put them around my neck, but after a while, it starts to bug me. The only other option is to cram them on my head like traditional headphones… which makes me look ridiculous.


During this race, you get to run through the Mandarin area which is a nice shaded area with really nice houses including one crazy modern house. I look forward to running past it because it’s just so interesting.



“Oh hai! Just running by here.”

I surprisingly enjoyed running this race. I ended up running into my friend, Lexi, a mile or so into the race. I haven’t seen her in like 3 years, so that was really awesome. We ran and chatted for a few miles until we decided to split ways at a waterstop.

The entire time I was running this race, I had in the back of my mind that it would be great to beat my time from last year. Unfortunately, as I got closer to the end, I realized I was just a little too far away to beat my time of 1 hour and 14 minutes. I was really disappointed the last half mile or so when I realized I just hadn’t quite run fast enough.


Meanwhile, Roxie and Adam had a good time running part of the race together.


Then this happened!!!

Yeah right. I didn’t get an award. I wish!

Actually, when I finished the race in 1:16:04, I finally whipped out my phone to check my time from the year before. It was then… I realized…I was wrong.

My time from the year before wasn’t 1:14. IT WAS 1:16:02.


I’d missed beating my previous time by TWO SECONDS!


And then I still had to run a mile and a half. Needless to say, without the adrenalin of the race, I only made it about half a mile more before I decided my legs just we NOT going on anymore. I ended up running a total of 9.23 miles that day. Round up, that’s 10 miles, right?


At least I got one thing right that day. Post-race breakfast at First Watch!

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