Maple Street Biscuit Company

So for once, Adam made it to a brand spankin’ new restaurant before I did. The nerve, right?

Sometimes not working downtown really stinks. He loved his first visit to Maple Street Biscuit Company so much, he was sweet enough to drag me there the following weekend. It wasn’t a big surprise (to me, at least) that I was pretty skeptical about a place that serves biscuits. The skepticism was really just the over-pouring jealousy clouding my vision.


So that morning we went on our team training run in preparation for the Ragnar Relay and headed to Maple Street to refuel. Believe me, after that bridge, I needed a biscuit or two or four or six.


When we walked in, I was a little overwhelmed with their menu. I knew exactly what I wanted, I just needed to find it on there! Their menu is made up of unique names like The Ralphie or The Reinhold, so it’s helpful to read through the entire description of the menu item to figure out what it really is.

When we went to order, they actually recognized Adam and remembered that when he was in earlier that week, they were out of what he originally wanted to order, the pepper jelly. They let him know they had it in stock that day. It was just a little gesture, but it really won him over. It really just goes to show how friendly everyone is there.

When you go to order, you don’t give your first name for them to track your order. The first time we were there, we were asked for our favorite Band Name. The second time I went, they asked our favorite 80s TV show. Be aware, whatever the question of the day is, will be what they’ll be calling out for everyone to hear.

One tip is to pay attention so you can overhear the register ask the group ahead of you in line the question. This will give you an extra second to think of something so you don’t blurt out the first embarrassing thing that comes to mind. I honestly feel this is really awkward because I feel everyone is judging my “Huey Lewis” and “Silver Spoons” responses. (Adam didn’t know what Silver Spoons was?!?) I know I’m totally overreacting though. Also, don’t be that jerk that think’s it’s super funny to get everyone to say the same thing. All this does is make things more difficult as everyone gets hungrier waiting for their food. I actually prefer to hearing them call out the different band names or TV shows rather than someone yell out everyone’s first name over and over. I seem to be able to tune out a tv show or a rock band, but hearing “jessica…. jessica…” repeated just sticks in the back of my mind and interrupts my focus from my food.


Ahh. Exactly what I needed. I ended up with The Ralphie, which is a fancy term for biscuits and sausage gravy. They also add “a kick” to theirs which I, of course, was skeptical of. In fact, “the kick” turns their gravy a slight pink color, which is really weird at first. After a few bites though, you totally won’t care. It’s delicious and “the kick” really, REALLY adds some good flavors to the dish. I could eat a whole bucket full of this stuff. (but then again, I’d have to run that bridge a bazillion times if I did that).


Adam ordered the Squawk on the Street which is a biscuit, fried chicken breast, and the homemade pepper jelly (that they were out of the first time he went). He proclaimed it as very tasty. The pepper jelly added a sweet, not spicy flavor to the sandwich.


The second time (Adam’s third visit) we went, Adam was on a mission. He knew what he was ordering before we even stepped in the door! He immediately ordered The Five and Dime which is a biscuit, fried chicken, bacon and cheese topped with choice of gravy and a fried egg. He proclaimed it an epiphany of goodness in his face. His words, not mine. I think that means he liked it.


I just got The Five so this was a biscuit, fried chicken, bacon and cheese topped with choice of gravy. aka same epiphany as Adam, but no extra egg. This was good, but I could have left off the chicken. It was flavorful and good, but I could take it or leave it. I think it’s just not my thing. You might still think it’s fabulous. It really hit the spot though. Seriously delicious after a good weekend long run.


Did you catch on that I thought everyone that worked there was friendly? I thought this sign really demonstrated how over-the-top friendly they were.

When we went the first weekend, we ran into our friends Ron and Tiffany and even Kerry. When we went this past weekend, we ran into Caron. It’s definitely a place you’ll run into people. They even have a big community table which makes it easy to meet up with a group of people if you’d like.


For some reason, we completely missed the coffee hot-bar the first weekend. Caron pointed it out and talked highly of the Maple Tap. I’m not typically a huge fan of maple stuff, but Adam tried a cup.


I went right for the Dark Bark. I really like bold coffee, so there was no reason for me to divert from what I typically like. Their Dark Bark was tasty. I tried the Maple Tap as well, and it was surprisingly good. It wasn’t too strong on the maple, just right.


Oh.. and I caught them making the biscuits. Actually, it seems like they’re always making fresh biscuits. In case you doubted the authenticity of their biscuits..


They’re rollin’ out the dough right up front for everyone to see. (I’m not really sure there’s counter space anywhere else for them TO make the biscuits!)

We really enjoy Maple Street Biscuit Company. I see this giving Bagel Love a good run for it’s money for our post-run breakfasts.

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