Jax Brew Bus Stop 3: Intuition

Catch up on the Jax Brew Bus Tour:

We loaded up after Green Room and headed on a “long ride” across town from the Beach to riverside.

I wanted to be prepared for the long journey ahead, so I popped open one of my roadies to pass the time.

One great thing about our trip was we got to meet some fun people. We ended up chatting with this couple (I forgot their name :/) while at Engine 15, and it really made the whole night more fun.

Knowing we had a long ride, Mike gave us a presentation on how one actually brews beer complete with visual aides.

I thought he did a good job with the overview and found it interesting. I learned a thing or two. OK, ok. I know nothing about brewing beer, so the whole presentation was a learning experience for me. Buuut if you want to know anything I learned, you’ll have to get on the bus and see for yourself.

The intracoastal is absolutely beautiful at sunset.

So is downtown. I was so glad I was sitting on the left side of the bus, because I got to see both great views.

We arrived at Intuition,and thanks to the stimulating views, the educating presentation, and the decent buzz I had going on, it really didn’t seem to take that long!

If you’ve never been to Intuition, this is what the outside looks like. This is their brewery area. It’s open on Fridays & Saturdays except in the summer because it’s an open-air bar, and blazing hot then. Other months, it’s pretty nice.

We headed to check out the Tap Room first, which is where I usually relax when I go there.

Turns out Intuition is dog friendly too! I had no idea! What a cutie, eh?

Their tap room has several tables setup for groups of 4-6.

And a long bar at one end where you order from. Typically there isn’t anyone that goes to the tables to take orders, you just go up to the bar.

Heeeellooooo darlin’!

Next we headed to the Brewery for our Brewery tour. A tour isn’t available at every location on every stop. It’s all determined by availability and timing, but we were lucky to have several on our Jax Brew Bus tour.

I’m not going to get into the specifics of what was discussed here either, because.. you guessed it. You gotta get on the bus yourself, but this was probably the most interesting brewery tour of all of them.

We learned a bit about hops.

And even got to crunch on a few. I prefer mine fermented, thanks.

This part was awesome. I have no idea why, but I just thought their canner was absolutely fascinating.

It looks like something you’d see on Mr. Rogers after the “how crayons are made” episode (which was an awesome episode!).

Everything slides along in a line and at different stages has different things happen to it. It was fascinating to see how the cans are actually built around the beer and not just poured in.

I’m just going to take this stack home.. mmmkay?

Next was the tasting.

FYI, if you run the gate river run, you get a free pint if you turn in running bib. I absolutely love to collect mine, so I just don’t think I could trade it in for a free beer. Could you?

We tried several of their beers here in small cups. We had several, so the small cups were probably a good idea here.

For some reason, my camera was drunk at this point and every picture looks distorted.

What a surprise! Tracy dot com in the house!

After that, stop 3 was complete. We all loaded back on the bus and headed across town to the next stop… Bold City Brewery!

Intuition Ale Works on Urbanspoon

** Jax Brew Bus provided me with two passes so I could share my trip with my readers. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

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