Jax Brew Bus Stop 1: Engine 15

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Josh (left), Mike (right) and Glenn (unpictured) make up Jax Brew Bus.

I was antsy all day at work knowing I had a fabulous happy hour  evening ahead. At the first Jax Truckies Food Truck event, I ran into Josh, co-owner of Jax Brew Bus, and we chatted a bit. Later when I ran into him at the Folio Weekly Beer Festival, he invited me to come out one night to see what the Brew Bus was all about. That is definitely an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Knowing I had a long night of beer drinkin’ ahead of me, I brought some staples. Two waters for obvious necessary re-hydration, two bags of Cheetos in case I need a bit of sustenance after a few too many brews, and a 6 pack in case I end up too sober on a beer bus. That would be ugly, but it could happen. The bus is nice because they have a large cooler aboard that you can use.

Here’s our group before we set out. Wild crowd! When you sign up for Jax Brew Bus, they try to fill the bus with as many people as possible. You can either convince 13 of your friends to do it with you, or enjoy being paired randomly with new people. We also had two additional beach dwellers meet us at Engine 15 instead of driving out to Tinseltown.

Jax Brew Bus costs $50 per person, and are typically on Saturday afternoons. The bus picks everyone up in Tinseltown behind Seven Bridges which is a good central location. A group brewery tour is $600 and includes up to 14 people. If you do reserve the entire bus, you can arrange a custom tour including the day and time as long as the breweries are available.

This was the article from the Florida Times Union where I believe I first learned about the Jax Brew Bus. Since then they’ve been on my radar.

In case you’re wondering, they take turns driving.. one drives on one night out.. the other drives on the next night out.  Whoever is driving obviously doesn’t drink.

You can purchase growlers of beer at the different breweries.  If you plan to just drink everything you purchase that evening on the bus, you can sometimes borrow the Jax Brew Bus growlers. This would come in handy if for some reason you just don’t like the beer served at one of the stops.  (Who is that person and why did they get invited?)

Ahhh. We made it to the first stop, Engine 15.

It’s a long and narrow style bar. It was pretty busy for happy hour on a Friday.

They offer some delicious bar munchies and more.

I’m definitely coming back to relax here with friends at Happy Hour.

Engine 15 has quite a selection of brews.

And quite a selection of taps!

We were invited to try the Black IPA and the Summer Session. I really enjoyed the Summer Session (and have since ordered this on trips since this one).  The Black IPA is just not my thing, but several others enjoyed it.

We found this QUITE hilarious.

One great thing about going on the Jax Brew Bus was we got a tour of the brewery at each stop (when available). This is not a part of the brewery you normally get to see in detail on a normal visit.

Ahh a good throwback.

If anyone has an idea what game this is, message me! I’ve seen it there, but have no idea what it’s called so I can’t look up how to play!

They have the ring toss game in the back.. but someone broke it. 😦

If you happen to stop in around happy hour (after 4:30 p.m.), you’ll most likely have the privilege of meeting Herb & Nona.  They’ve been coming to Engine 15 since the beginning and sitting at the same table. Herb always enjoys a brew, Nona enjoys a water.

They come so often, their seats are reserved.

Herb is a proud participant of the Mug Club at Engine 15.

Mmmm, more Summer Session.

Since this was the only stop of the night that offered food, everyone got something to enjoy.  Food orders are extra and not included in the Jax Brew Bus price.  These were the Pigs in a Blanket which were really tasty.  The pigs had a nice sausagey spice to them.  The wrap was just regular ol’ crescent roll type wrap. They were fairly bland, but that was ok (and probably good) since the sausages had a lot of flavor.

Adam ordered the Gyro that (obviously) came served with an entire salad on it. It also came with diced tomatoes and red onion and a creamy cucumber yogurt.  This order comes with two gyros, so if you’re hungry, this isn’t a bad option.

The last time I ordered food at Engine 15 was about two years ago.  I remember having a few bites of their Frito Pie and being in heaven. Then I walked outside briefly to take a quick call (it can get busy inside).  When I came back, they were all gone. So I knew I was ordering this before I even arrived. It was just as good as I remembered it.   Their Frito Pie is fritos (duh), queso chili cheese, red onions & sour cream. Even if it’s hot out, this is a tasty splurge.

So after stop 1, I’d had three beers and was having a great time.  Josh and Mike are great hosts, and I couldn’t wait for the next st0p… Green Room Brewing!

Engine 15 Brewing Co. on Urbanspoon

** Jax Brew Bus provided me with two passes for the bus in return for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

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